Friday, June 30, 2006

Huffman's Record on Social Issues

The Committee said...
Here is Steve Huffman's record on social issues in the last legislative session (as per CAP):


Voted No. Abortion; Fetal Pain- HB2254: Requires physicians to inform women at least 20 weeks along in their pregnancy who want an abortion that their baby may
feel pain if they abort it and offer to give the baby anesthesia. Passed the House 36-21 and the Senate 17-13. Vetoed by the Governor.

Did not vote. Notarized Parental Consent for Abortion- HB2666: Modifies the current Arizona parental consent law to require that a parent’s signature be notarized before
a minor may obtain an abortion. Passed the House 39-20. Passed the Senate 18-10. Vetoed by the Governor.

Did not vote. Abortion Parental Consent/ Bypass Guidelines- HB2776: Codifies an appellate court decision that clarifies how a judge decides whether to grant a minor
seeking an abortion a bypass petition, which allows her to get the abortion without parental consent. Passed the House 39-18. Passed Senate 17-12. Vetoed by
the Governor.

Voted No. No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions- SB1325: Clarifies Arizona law to prohibit any government or public entity from providing employee insurance benefits
to cover abortions. Passed Senate 17-12. Passed the House 33-24. Vetoed by the Governor.

Human Egg Donation/Sale

Voted Yes. Sale of Human Oocytes; Prohibition- HB2142: Prohibits the sale of human eggs for research purposes. Passed the House 38-21. Passed Senate 18-11.
Vetoed by the Governor.

Voted No. Informed Consent for Human Egg Donation- SB1097: Requires the woman donating her eggs to be fully informed about the nature, ramifications, and risks of
the procedure. Passed Senate 17-11. Passed House 34-20. Vetoed by the Governor.

Sex Education

Voted Yes. General Appropriations; Budget- HB2863: The state’s general fund budget for fiscal year 2007. Includes increased funding for abstinence education and
marriage skills training, funding for the DHS brochure on cord blood donations, and a grant program for organizations that provide alternatives to abortion.
Passed House 46-9. Passed Senate 22-2. Signed by the Governor.

Adoption/Marriage Preference

Voted No. Adoption/Marriage Preference- HB2696: Establishes a preference for married couples in adoption cases handled through the state, with exceptions granted
for family members and specific other situations. Passed the House 32-25. Failed in the Senate 15-13.

Sex Oriented Businesses

Did not vote. Regulation of Adult Oriented Businesses- HB2490: Prohibits a new adult-oriented business from being built within a quarter mile of a school, church,
playground, child care facility, home, or recreational facility. Passed the House 52-5. Passed the House 52-5. Passed the Senate 28-1. Signed into law by the


Voted No.Racing; Pari-Mutuel Wagering- SB1329: Expands gambling in Arizona by allowing off-track betting locations to simulcast out-of-state harness races and
providing more opportunities for gambling at horse tracks and off-site locations. Passed the House 32-23. Held in Senate.

It looks like he is still missing alot of votes.

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