Saturday, July 29, 2006

Candidate Tidbits

Gabrielle Giffords appears to be using her ads to present an image of a down-to-earth hard-working American growing up cleaning stables and changing tires down at the shop. It's a nice ad, but then, who really buys it?

Patty Weiss has proven by all accounts that she has a real following. If she can stop making public statements about how we need to beat the Chinese in colonizing Mars, and suggesting we all drive 35 mph to solve the energy crisis, she might have a chance in the primary.

Another word on the street is that Steve Huffman has dirt on one of the candidates and will release it soon. I wonder who the unsuspecting candidate might be?

Apparently Congressman Tom Tancredo is coming to town mid August. No doubt there will be a joint appearance with Randy Graf on the border.


AZYouLikeIt said...

Here's the thing -- I've never seen a single quote from Patty about colonizing Mars.

If she said it, it certainly wasn't reported anywhere.

It's a bizarre claim by the Giffords campaign that's gotten repeated over and over simply because it's so bizarre. How about some actual quotes, or better yet, video? All the campaigns seem to have video crews following them. If Patty were actually talking about colonizing Mars, don't you think the Giffords campaign would post it to YouTube in a half hour??

jlnwd said...

Marana Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, May 18th, Lord of Grace Church. Patty was talking about some pointy-head at the U of A and said it would be a priority of hers to colonize Mars before the Chinese.

I heard it because I was sitting a few seats from the stage. I am sorry I did not take video but that does not change the fact that she said it. Just because it is not on YouTube does not mean it did not happen.

And for the record I have nothing to do with the Giffords campaign.

Michael said...

Actually, in terms of real media impact and moving votes between columns, if it ain't on video, it might as well not have happened.

Why do you think 5 seconds of enthusiasm by Dean was able to fatally sink a Presidential campaign? Because it was on camera. It got played ad nauseum. The medium can break you that quick, and nothing else really can. As long as Patty doesn't comment and doesn't repeat it, it's as good as if it didn't happen. Which, maybe it didn't? Who knows...

Anonymous said...


You are correct, it will have little effect if she does not repeat it and it is not on tape. I was responding to the false accusation that Patty’s comment about colonizing Mars before the Chinese was a fabrication on the Giffords camp. It was no such thing since Patty said it herself. I don’t care what effect her comment does or does not have but she did make the comment at the May 18th forum.

Jane Arizona said...

The first time I read Patty's energy press release, I thought it said "drive 35mph" too. Then I read it again -- she wants everyone to drive cars that get 35 miles to the gallon.

Just saying.

Kralmajales said...

Seen Giffords' new ad?