Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Huffman's Strategy

Steve Huffman's latest press release attacking Randy Graf is not unexpected, but does little to advance his campaign. This old news rehash makes him appear like a candidate wannabe who has little else to offer voters. At some point, Huffman will have to provide something substantive that gives voters a reason to support him. All this press release serves to do is reinforce what everyone else believes, that the Huffman-Kolbe team is behind the attacks, and that they have nothing new to add to the campaign since this is really old news that nobody cares about.

For some reason, Steve Huffman has yet to release his financial information for the quarter. In any case, he appears to have a wad to spend. It will be interesting to see how he ends up using it. According to rumors on the street, his ads were to begin this week. Maybe we will see something that gives his campaign some badly-needed traction.


x4mr said...

Did see one of his television ads, and it was pretty good. It was on the channel two that comes up when Cox cable folks turn on their cable. I saw it late afternoon.

The ad was positive if I recall correctly, not speaking of opponents, and it was a full blown ad, at least 30 seconds and maybe a full minute.

Anonymous said...

I saw the add too. A little sleepy and he mentioned so many issues but did not connect on any one. His voice at the end sounds a little weak.

I noticed no pictures of his pals Pete Hershberger or Jim Kolbe. Among all the family and children crap there was no mention of his long standing support for abortion on demand.

Supports a strong border? Sorry Steve the only thing you got excited about was some finacial fiasco outside your district called Rio Nuevo. You did squat about the border issue for 8 years. Please don't try to run on that platform.

Framer said...
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Framer said...

Good to see that Steve is hitting the issues in his ads. There should be nothing to complain about there. Keeping the race clean will certainly help the overall Republican cause come September, n o matter who wins the Primary.

I just wish Steve would spend some of his money on somone to work on his webpage. It would be nice and cost effective to have his ads available on the website.

Kralmajales said...

His plan to run positive ads is smart of course. He has to introduce himself to the voters as "reasonable", "thoughtful" and a person they would want representing them. In contrast to...(smile).

I predict Giffords to do the same on the Democrat side. Feel good ads that remind voters of her record, record, record.