Friday, July 21, 2006

Inside CD8 Campaigns-GOP

A recent poll is giving Graf 40% of the decided Republican voters. Hellon's ads don't seem to have given him the boost he hoped for, but has pushed him well ahead of Huffman. Despite decent fundraising, Mike is carrying a $70,000 debt to pay for his ads. It has to be frustrating with the primary still 8 weeeks away. If he can hang in there financially and stay in the race to the end, he might be able to make it competitive since there are still a lot of undecided voters.

Huffman's performance in the poll has to be disappointing to the campaign. Regardless of his performance, he is in the race to stay since Kolbe isn't about to admit defeat. Steve has $50,000 per week committed to media ads until the primary and it looks like he will have to use every penny to get something going on his behalf. Granted, he just barely began advertising, but he seems to be trailing along the bottom with the lesser known candidates—not a good place to start with 8 weeks to go. He will have to pick up the vast majority of undecided voters between now and the election—a tall order indeed. His campaign will make a statement about money and campaign advertising one way or another.

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