Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can Click/Kolbe Trump the Electorate?

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. This also defines the Huffman campaign which keeps throwing more and more money into their candidacy hoping for positive results. With the continued push for more and more funding to keep the campaign from sinking, the question that has to be on the minds of the RNC, NRCC and everyone else that was sold the notion that only Huffman can win, is "Where is the weakness, in the money or the candidate?"

What's ironic about this is that all this fuss is about a candidate that Kolbe said can't win the general election, namely Graf. Consider that most party activists find it difficult to support Huffman based on his defiance of Republican leadership and certain disreputable practices in the state legislature. Over half the Republican state legislators have endorsed Graf while only a couple of them endorsed Huffman. Politically, conservatives would have no reason to vote for Steve even if he hadn't slandered their candidate since he doesn't represent them socially or fiscally. Add to that the disdain for Huffman generated in the Hellon camp as a result of Huffman's sleazy campaign practices and you have to ask yourself, "Where would the voters come from if Huffman became the nominee?"

What Kenski's polling doesn't explain about the numbers is that Huffman is the candidate Republicans won't support "if their candidate fails to win the nomination." Many Republicans from both the Graf and Hellon camps say they "can't" vote for Huffman. He has sufficiently alienated both conservatives and moderates as to raise serious doubts about his ability to win the support of a critical mass of Republicans in a general election.

Things are fast defaulting to a race between Kolbe/Click's ability to buy ads that garner support among the less involved, less decided Republicans and Graf and Hellon's ability to hold onto their core Republican base. September 12th will reveal who wins out: The Click/Kolbe machine or the determination of the electorate.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to cover tonights Republican candidate forum? I could not make it so I wanted to get the low-down. I guess there was some guy dressed in a trench coat and dark glasses, looking like Toni Hellon’s stalker, greeting people when they came in. He had on a Huffman sticker but when Steve walked in he did not look amused. Everyone else was either laughing out loud or chuckling inside. Would love to hear how the actual forum went.

Anonymous said...

As for the NRCC's unprecedented meddling in a local OPEN seat race with their massive amounts of cash ($47 million in independent expenditures in 2004) I tried to call and talk to someone at the NRCC yesterday and today.

Yesterday, at 4pm AZ time, I called all the publically listed numbers on the Internet and got a recording at each one. No one was there.

This morning I called and got the receptionist. I told her who I was and asked to talk to whomever it would be who would make the decision to pull the ads and try to fix the damage they've already done. She transferred me to Commmunications.

I spoke to someone in Communications and they transferred me to the Political Department.

I spoke to Andrew in that department and he said that the decision was made in the Independent Expenditures Department but that he doesn't know how decisions are made and no one was in yet (at 9:20am D.C. time) in that department. He suggested that I leave my number and someone would call me back. Right...

So I asked to speak with Communications again. I spoke with the young lady there and she didn't want to give me any informaton and only wanted to take my number for someone to call me back later. I gave her my number. She said, "Who are you in Arizona?" I gave my credentials as a voter, as PC, a donor, etc. I also mentioned that I know when I'm getting the "run around".

I asked to be transferred back to the receptionist who answered my call originally. She said, "What do you want with her?" I told her that I wanted to speak with a knowledgeable person who can talk about this issue, one who makes decisions. She transferred me to a number that just rang and rang.

I called back. No one answered my call. I suspect they checked Caller ID and ignored me. I tried other numbers. Same thing.

I switched to my cell phone and called the "campaign help" number listed on the website. I got Andrew again. He offered nothing but to have someone call me back. I asked about the Independent Expenditures Department and he said that he just found out that he wasn't supposed to have mentioned that. I asked if he knew the name of anyone who worked there and he said that "there's a wall" and "we're not even supposed to know" and "he doesn't know" and "he can't give that out".

I told Andrew that I felt that I was being given the "run around". He said that I could try calling back later in the day. He said that they work late. I told him that I called yesterday at 4pm AZ time and they'd already gone home. He said that there wasn't anything he could do for me. I explained fully the problems I have with the NRCC inappropriately infusing cash into this OPEN SEAT race. He said he would note my concerns and pass them on.

My goal is to talk to the person or people who would be able to make the decision to immediately pull the ads as they were inappropriately purchased and run in this race. I urge anyone else concerned that the moneyed and powerful national level "Republican" committees are unethically affecting local OPEN SEAT races to call the NRCC and make their feelings known and to try to convince them to immediately pull the ads. Their main number is 202-479-7070. Communications number is 202-479-7070. Campaign Assistance/Political is 202-479-7050.

The Committee said...

Remember, this is not the RNC. Tom Reynolds, the Chairman of the NRCC, is not particularly conservative. He is also influenced by Jim Click.

I think you just met "The Man."

The Committee said...

Framer will cover the forum. said...

You need to talk to the Director or the Director's Secretary over at the NRCC to voice your concerns. There is an Executive Director.

This whole disgusting maneuver is why one should never donate to any political party. One never knows who exactly will be getting the campaign donations. Donate directly to a candidate or a specific cause that has a verifiable track record of supporting only things with which you may agree. We all hate when people try to play God Maker in local politics. Just remember what the Republicans are doing in Rhode Island for Lincoln Chaffey and what they did in Pennslyvania against Pat Toomey in '04.

x4mr said...

When I think about this I almost wonder if I've entered the Twilight Zone or having a dream suggesting I've gotten way too wrapped up in this election, which might be the case anyway.

Am I crazy when I think that even if NRCC pulls this thing off and Huffman prevails, a lot of you will be so infuriated that you will either not participate at all in November, or vote independent or libertarian (or god forbid, for the democrat) out of sheer protest?

x4mr said...

Oh, anonymous, forgot to acknowledge your inquiries.


Anonymous said...


You are not crazy at all. If Stevie wins the primary I think the group formed on Sept 13 would be called "Republicans for ******** " (Fill in the Democratic nominee.)

This would be very interesing and has gone on in the past with figures like Grant Woods. It may be the conservatives' chance to return the favor.

You know the saying: Troglodyte see, troglodyte do.