Monday, August 21, 2006

How Low Can He Go?

Steve Huffman's latest attack on Graf came in the form of a mailer that looked more like a D.A.R.E. brochure than anything relating to a congressional race. Most recipients probably threw it away without bothering to look beyond the rowdy-looking teenagers and the upside-down car.

For those who bothered to open it, the inside was simply a tired repeat of the Kolbe attacks from the last campaign. Not much creativity, not much validity. The first attack point, the piece about the picture of the president, was partially accurate but so weak as to carry little, if any weight. After all, the President isn't exactly the most popular guy in town right now. The fact that somebody disagreed with him won't be a shocker for Republicans.

The other points will show up soon on Graf's web site, or some blog spot, as a MYTH VS. FACT piece. They are simply too outlandish for anybody to take seriously and will serve more to label Huffman as unprincipled than to cast dispersions on Graf. Any votes lost by Graf will likely transfer to Hellon anyway and simply expand Hellon's lead over Huffman.

Of course, the big news is Huffman's staff having to be served with a restraining order for peeping into State Senator Toni Hellon's windows ( It will be interesting to see how Huffman handles this fiasco in light of his criticism of Graf on the Aiken issue.

It's no secret that Huffman hired notorious attack artist, Nathan Sproule, as a consultant to his campaign. Maybe something about rocks and glass houses should have been discussed before signing the contract.


Anonymous said...

Who is behaving like a teenager now? See Espresso Pundit

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nathan will be down in Tucson shredding conservative voter registration forms?

Teenage behavior said...

Steve Huffman’s treasurer resigns.

Anonymous said...

Huffman is a TOOL!!!!