Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Huffman Peeping Tom Incident

It now appears that Huffman knew about his senior staffer's peeping Tom activities at the Toni Hellon home and may have concealed them in order to protect himself in the congressional campaign. Suspicion is also beginning to settle on Huffman regarding whether or not he encouraged the activities when he first announced he would be running for State Senate against Toni.

Arnold, the Huffman staffer accused in the case, is a member of the Tucson Association of Realtors who may have to rethink their endorsement. Likewise, Jim Click who exercised his muscle to obtain the endorsements of TAR, NFIB and the Chamber in spite of Huffman's ratings, must be scrambling to conduct damage control as association members are now distancing themselves from the endorsement.

Huffman's woes seem to grow worse by the day, and you can bet Mike Hellon is smiling.

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Vandy said...

All the parties who have endorsed Huffman deserve exactly what they are getting. This is what happens when you only endorse someone because you think they are going to win, rather than who you think should get the job. I expected nothing less from a Kolbe clone.