Monday, August 14, 2006

Huffman Push Polling

The Huffman campaign is nearing completion of its second push poll of the campaign. It again dredges up the Steve Aiken issue hoping to turn off at least a few would-be Graf voters. An internal follow up poll will determine if the loss of Huffman votes from negative campaigning is more than offset by the number of swayed voters.

Hellon appears to be holding his second place position since Huffman's internal polling hasn't been reported to suggest anything new.

Hellon, the only major player in the Republican race besides Graf, has managed to keep himself from being tainted by attacks on the Graf campaign and has managed to avoid Huffman's push polls. However, insiders now suggest Hellon's campaign may have been involved in the ABC blog that ousted Steve Aiken. If Mike Hellon can stir up a mud-slinging war between Huffman and Graf without becoming implicated, he could show up as the shining knight on election day.

Of course, Huffman will not likely ignore Hellon's second place position for long, and any attack by Huffman will be met with fury from the Hellon camp which is still smarting from Huffman's earlier challenge of Toni Hellon and Kolbe's refusal to endorse Mike Hellon.


exdeadhead said...

Aiken was AWOL from his guard post in Alabama too!

The liberal media hates conservative Rebublicans. What else is new.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to get over the Aiken thing. It was a gift to the Graf campaign to get it over with. Not only was Steve an embarrassment waiting to happen he was not taking the campaign in the direction it needed to go.

Graf should be thankful it happened as early as it did. Huffman and Hellon need to stick to the issues so that the party does not get any more fractured than it is.