Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tucson Weekly Poll Results

Although the excitement over Tucson Weekly's poll results is building, particularly on the day of another Steve Huffman debacle, don't expect a big shift in Randy Graf's position. Insiders have given us a sneak peak that shows Randy solidly in the lead. However, Huffman, pre-peeper story, does actually present some surprises moving from a no-name fourth place to a respectable showing albeit a long way from a September 12th nomination.

Huffman's success could be attributed to his first push-poll, and maybe to some extent, his second, along with his first attack ads and voice messages. On the other hand, it could just as easily be argued that his rise is the result of simply getting ads out and providing some name recognition which didn't exist at all just a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately for Steve, "Huffman, King of Peepers" probably isn't the name recognition he was hoping for.

1 comment:

AZYouLikeIt said...

Congrats on getting an early "peep" (ha! I slay me) at the poll.

Did your sources leak the blue side of the poll, too?

I was curious if the Weekly would even publish the results if it didn't show their girl out in front after spending so much money on TV.