Monday, September 18, 2006

Giffords Starts Negative

Giffords picked up where Huffman left off while the bodies were still warm. Between the DCCC and the Giffords campaign, the tanks are full and it's full throttle ahead for attacking Randy Graf. So much for the speculation that Gabrielle would run a clean campaign and stick to the issues.

After surprisingly positive campaigns from Weiss and Giffords (with a couple of exceptional incidents), it was widely speculated that Giffords was strong enough to run on the issues and would avoid the risky nasty tactics used by Steve Huffman. But the DCCC has already begun ads using Huffman language that Graf is "too extreme." A negative push-poll over the weekend also suggested Randy Graf is the one who divided the Republican party—an interesting interpretation of events. The poll cited many of the same bills Randy opposed that Huffman used in his revisionist explanations of legislative activities.

Since the poll took nearly 15 minutes to respond to, and the Huffman campaign burned everyone out on polls the last several weeks of the primary, workers were reported to be having difficulty getting respondents. No surprise there.

Watch for Huffman to be squeezed to refute some of his earlier claims in order to undo some of the damage of his primary campaign.


x4mr said...

Of course the DCCC is going to paint Graf as extreme. This surprises you? NRCC has a hit piece on Giffords about taxes. Saw both of these ads and yawned.

I suppose we can language that Giffords is behind anything hitting Graf and that Graf is behind anything hitting Giffords, but I don't think Giffords is behind the DCCC "extreme" any more or less than Graf is behind the "tax" piece.

Sure wish I would get one of these damned push polls so I could stop thinking all the talk about them is fabricated bullshit.

Giffords publically condemned the use of push polls back when the Weiss thing came up, and it doesn't smell right that her campaign would take this risk at this time.

sirocco said...

Yeah, my understanding is it's DCCC, not Giffords, and that by law they can't co-ordinate.

mybossthinksimworking said...

So is Giffords going to denounce the DCCC ads? At least the NRCC went positive in their ads for Huffman...

bob said...

I'm not so concerned about the ads as I am about the push poll. Giffords denounced the push polling during the primary. Is she going to do it again?? If she doesn't, then does that mean that her campaign is actually the one sponsoring the push poll?? In which case she's a hypocrite who denounces something when it suits her and then turns around and uses it when it's convenient.

And if it's the DCCC, then nobody can claim that it's a Republican/Rove tactic (though I won't argue very much about Rove being slimy). If it's the DCCC, then the Dems are just as bad as they keep claiming the Republicans are.

Ads using the issues to show how a person stands for certain things (which would probably come across as negative) is one thing. Push polling and perpetuating outright lies is another.

Matt in AZ said...

Has the push polling agency been identified?

pinkiris said...

They said they were Opinion Research. There was ONE negative about Giffords (mild) WOW, was I impressed that this was done by the Republicans!