Thursday, September 07, 2006

Huffman Peeping Tom Connection

Via Sonoran Alliance

Tucson Weekly has revoked their endorsement of Steve Huffman due to his unwillingness to answer questions relating to his involvement in the peeping tom incident.

Here is what they said:
"Huffman demanded to know what kind of investigation the Graf campaign had done into Aiken's background. And Graf, to his credit, has discussed the Aiken scandal with us and other members of the media.

So why is Huffman hiding from the press now? We don't know, but it's a reasonable question for us--and for voters--to ask.

And because Huffman won't answer it, we have no choice but to revoke our endorsement of him in the Congressional District 8 race. We still appreciate Huffman's moderate pro-choice positions; we appreciate how he championed our local half-cent sales tax; we're glad that until this year, he resisted the urge to score cheap political points by giving in to the border hysteria that gripped so many of his fellow Republicans at the Legislature."

Apparently, it was discovered that Todd Clodfelter, another Huffman staffer who created the hellontoni web site with the pictures, is also the webmaster for the Huffman campaign web site.


Randall Holdridge said...

Hard to believe that the Tucson Weekly might be reconsidering Huffman. After all, the Weekly is a Republican owned paper, ever more conservative, creeping right-ward week by week, as the Wick Bros call the tune, and Boegle and Nintzel grow fat while pretending to be independent thinkers.

But that the Wick brothers would take on Jim Click and Don Diamond gratuitously? Highly unlikely. So, they're jettisoning Huffman with some high-level agreement.

Ergo, Graf gets the shaft and Hellon gets the nomination. Big surprise isn't it? National party intervenes, former state party chair gets the nod. At the top of the money pile nothin' changes, and that means, for example, that nothin' changes on the border, nothin' changes on the tax code and gov't. spending, and no one in authority stands up for personal liberty.

The big change I guess is that Hellon is straight; mega-points!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if Clodfelter, stalker Bill Arnold's partner in crime, is Huffman's webmaster or not. Although he may have something to do with that. But Clodfelter DOES, in fact, own the Huffman Campaign's internet domain name:

WHOIS Search Results for


11287 E. Placita Molino
Tucson, Arizona 85749
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: HUFFMAN2006.COM
Created on: 04-Jun-05
Expires on: 04-Jun-07
Last Updated on: 05-Jun-06

Administrative Contact:
Clodfelter, Todd
11287 E. Placita Molino
Tucson, Arizona 85749
United States

Technical Contact:
Clodfelter, Todd
11287 E. Placita Molino
Tucson, Arizona 85749
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

This WHOIS query shows that Clodfelter bought the domain in June of 2005 and then renewed the domain name in June of this year.

John said...


Nice theory but one problem. Graf is at 33% and Hellon has 10%. Five weeks out maybe but with 5 days left sorry, no chance. This race is Randy’s. If the weather is nice this weekend all the ads won’t change much as people will be away from the TV and radio.

Nice try on Nintzel. He is a real one off. An intelligent member of the MSM. Try picking on another reporter, you might have a point.

Kralmajales said...

HOLY Smoke!!!! This guy is a corrupt as they sleazy as they come. I wonder if it is his backers more than just Huffman, who has pushed him in these directions.

Every person that runs could have something unflattering in their background, but this comes down to sustained unethical behavior. A sleaze factor of digging dirt purposely to win while ignoring your own issues and why you want to be a public servant.

Say what you will about Giffords, but in this campaign, she has stayed positive, has not run attack ads against her opponents, and has focused on the general election and contacting voters from day 1. said...

So Clodfelter (the same guy who registered the website) registered Huffman’s campaign domains on That’s just priceless, and I’m sure the Weekly would have liked to have that information before they withdrew their endorsement of Huffman yesterday. I wonder how close together this buffoon registered the HellOnToni domain to Wouldn’t it be funny if it was the same day.

All that I know for sure is that this new information about Clodfelter owning Huffman’s campaign domains is huge. Huffman has been trying to deny knowledge or involvement with the Toni Hellon stalker incidents, he can’t do that anymore. So, my questions are when does Toni Hellon sue Huffman? Huffman’s fingerprints are now all over the stalking incidents. Do you think that she will sue now or during any of these final days before the Primary? I’ve personally seen the snake Huffman deny his involvement in the whole stalking incident. How does he explain this though? Now the question is: Is this so damaging that he'll drop out of the race before she sues his you-know-what? Click will now have to completely disassociate himself from the Huffman camp. He can no longer risk being associated with Huffman in any manner. He’s got to be livid with Huffman for this. Those headlines won’t sell him any cars: “Tucson’s largest new car dealer and one of the Southern Arizona’s most generous philanthropists continues to endorse an alleged stalker.”

If Huffman makes it out of the Primary, he will have no chance against Gabrielle Giffords when she or the DCCC starts exploiting the fact that he was a co-conspirator in this whole female stalking scheme. Anonymous says that he’s not sure Clodfelter is Huffman’s webmaster. Funny thing is that FEC filings from the Huffman campaign say that they've never paid for web hosting, web design, or the registration of a domain name. Clodfelter still apparently owns the the Huffman domain outright and hasn't been paid for use of it, and someone is providing "in kind" web hosting services (that would by a company called Slyngshot owned by a guy named Sam Douglas), and this isn't being reported to the FEC by the campaign. I had wondered why there hadn't been any updates to the Huffman website in so long. They never added any of their big Congressional endorsements or any of their press releases to the site. Maybe it's because Clodfelter is not only the owner of and, but that he might actually be the webmaster too. I’m guessing that they had to lay low for a while and couldn't have Mr. Clodfelter associated with the campaign. How dumb do they really think the voters are? I mean these guys are just a bunch of imbeciles if I've ever seen any. I can’t believe that they would expect that nobody (especially in the blog-o-sphere) would notice this important bit of information. So, let’s see what Team Huffman does. Do they spin or slither back into the whole that they came out of and just give up. All I know for sure is put a fork in Huffman; HE’S DONE!

Kralmajales said...

Sheeeeeeeeee...iiiiite! You are good 206isCancer! Damn I am not relishing our debates this fall. You need a blog!

Bob said...


What have you been smoking the last 50 years??!!??! Nobody but you would call the Weekly a conservative newspaper!!! It's about the most liberal newspaper in Arizona!! You need to wake up to the world around you buddy.

Kralmajales said...

The Weekly must really be doing a great job. Liberals think it is conservative and conservatives think it is liberal.

Congrats Tucson Weekly. said...

Of course the Weekly is a liberal paper. They are proud of it and make no bones about it. That is what is refreshing about the Weekly, although they hold a political viewpoint, they are open about it. Unlike the Daily Star or the Tucson Citizen and most national papers, which both try to maintain that they are unbiased, even though when you look at their editorial page and many of their articles, there is a clear liberal bent. Ernesto Portillo of the Star is clearly as liberal as any writer I've seen. Yet he's not even in the Editorial section. Another couple things that are so refreshing about the Weekly are that their reporters do their homework and are not sloppy and lazy, which tends to happen a lot at daily papers. They really get to the meat of issues and cover things, like local politics, so much better than other local papers. And the last thing that we all like about the Weekly is their style of writing. They are just so clever and cutting. And even if they are cutting you down personally, you almost feel like saying, "Wow, they got me good."

In regard to the Weekly on this Arnold story, they have now shown that they are obviously not going to let it go. So, if an earthquake hits and Randy and all of the other Republicans, except Huffman are sucked into the ground, and Huffman somehow convinces the Executive Board or whoever then picks a candidate to give him the nomination by default, the Weekly will eat Huffman alive, especially with these new revelations about Todd Clodfelter.

bob said...


I agree with you. Even though I'm not a fan of any news reporting outlet being biased one way or the other, it's at least nice that the Weekly is open about which way they lean. And it's also nice that they don't let tough issues go, they research them and air the dirty laundry.