Monday, September 11, 2006

Salmon On Click Payroll

Outrage on the surface, quiet calculating underneath.

The Arizona Republican Party headquarters has been overwhelmed with calls from irate Republican activists complaining about chairman Matt Salmon's phone calls supporting Steve Huffman. Salmon's calls were made with party money, on party time and with party equipment. Staffers say the calls were necessary to ensure there were no misunderstandings resulting from the DCCC ads against Huffman. Callers see it differently and want a pound of flesh.

Southern Arizonans don't seem to care about Salmon's twisted justification now that they know Salmon is on the Click payroll as his lobbyist. Party officials aren't talking publicly, but privately reveal that Click pressured Salmon into making the calls. Can anyone say "conflict of interest?" "Payoff?" "Corruption?"

Party activists now want Salmon's head. They are mounting a quiet campaign calling for the resignation of Salmon and any party leader that supported the decision to join Huffman.

It probably doesn't matter if the campaign succeeds. Salmon is up for re-election soon and the result will be the same.


John said...

Salmon ran a lackluster campaign two years ago and I don't think he has done much better with the party.

His days are numbered. Click can throw around his money but when it comes to state meetings there is only one of him and many a conservative. LD 26 and 30 will form a war party when they go to Phoenix in January ’07.

Anonymous said...


I'm a Precinct Committeeman in LD 25. You can count on me to form whatever "war party" you need to join with you to go to Phoenix in January. I voted for Matt Salmon and I am disgusted with his performance and the institutional corruption that pervades the state party as demonstrated by their "endorsement" yesterday of Steve Huffman. The state party leadership, save maybe Randy Pullen, is done and we're done with them. They need to go. Every last one of them.

Kralmajales said...

Of course I am biased, but I think the best revolution you can perform right now would be to make sure Huffman doesn't get the nomination. That will teach anyone in the future to meddle in a primary.

bucky said...

That's a done deal. Huffman is going down.

And then, just as William Wallace pushed the English out of Scotland and THEN sacked York, that's what we're going to do.

Salmon's actions yesterday and the complicity of the GOP leadership was the final straw. The line has been crossed. They better update their resumes because they're going to be looking for new employment.

Anonymous said...

You guys are psycho. I can't believe that you equate Salmon defending a Republican being attacked in a primary by the DEMOCRAT Party to William Wallace. Not only does it sound absurd, it is absurd.

Does it bother anyone else that reads this blog that the Arizona DEMOCRAT Party spent a significant amount of money attacking a Republican in the primary? If that doesn't bother you, regardless of who you support, you really should leave the Republican Party.

x4mr said...

Well, anon, don't you find it a little more offensive that the Republican party is spending even more money to attack a Republican candidate?

I thought it was the Republican voters who live in CD 8 that should select their nominee.

You assert it should be Jim Click's decision?

Damien Jackson said...

You guys better start saving your pennies, because after all the comments on here and other blogs, I doubt Jim Click, Don Diamond and Dave Mehl are going to continue to bail out the Pima County Republican Party everytime the rent or electricity bill is due.

Have fun running a county party out of your garages rather than a real office. That will make you real effective in the '08 cycle.

bucky said...

With Click's and Diamond's money (titles and estates) comes forced loyalty to their power. I'd rather pay my own rent and electricity bill at GOP HQ than to have to continue to live under their oppressive rule. Freedom!!

Kralmajales said...

Interesting point there Damien...however, I always thought that the Republican party never had to rely on the donations of a few individuals to keep it afloat. I doubt that people don't appreciate their help and support and all, but moving from support to kingmaker is a bit different. Although, I guess that must be what money in politics is all about, huh?

Anonymous said...


I think you need to dial it down on the Mel Gibson Marathon. Take a break, watch a little Caddyshack to inject a little humor.

I don't think the national GOP attacked anyone. I think they promoted a candidate. This is obviously a very important election so that Republicans maintain the majority. Even the Daily Star's polling showed that Graf has little chance against Giffords or Weiss. Huffman on the other hand has a good shot.

You still didn't answer my question. Is there any anger at all about the DEMOCRAT Party attacking a Republican in a primary?

W.Wallace said...

Even the Daily Star's polling showed that Graf has little chance against Giffords or Weiss. Huffman on the other hand has a good shot.

Not! The Star's polls showed that either way, the difference was within the margin of error.

BorderPatrol said...

Last I checked, our district was neither pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage or pro-illegal alien.

Anonymous said...

You all realize of course that if Graf wins; the Democrats are going to win this seat in November. That's why the Democrats are attacking Huffman. Why is this not obvious?

Framer said...

I believe that the general consensus of the area Republicans that I have spoken with indicated that after the NRCC became involved in the primary, it was also fair game for the Democrats as well. After all, if the individual voters and fairly run Republican candidate campaigns no longer matter to the national party, they can hardly cry foul on the Democrats.

What this amounted to was the national and state party telling the volunteers out walking and spending their time and money for Mike Hellon, Randy Graf, Mike Jenkins, and Frank Antenori that they do not get a voice in this election, and that their opinion means nothing. You don't do that without consequences. The fact that the current backlash seems to not have had an effect on the party decision making is even more disasterous. Voters may forgive incompetance, but they will not forgive incompetance coupled with arrogance.

Finally, without the NRCC covering his backside, Steve would have run out of money and we still wouldn't be subjected to his negative advertising that I saw as late as last night. An endorsement of Huffman by the national and state parties is also an endorsement for his campaign, which quite frankly has been an embarrasment and done more to hurt the party than losing the seat ever would have.

If Huffman wins the primary, he will lose by at least 20 points in the general. you can book that.

Anonymous said...


Here is the quote from the Star's article about its poll on 9/7/06. This is why the Dems are viciously attacking Huffman.

General-election forecasting
Poll questions about possible general-election matchups seem to predict that, while Huffman could have trouble winning the Republican primary, he would be a much stronger candidate against whomever the Democrats pick.
In general-election matchups, the poll indicates both Giffords and Weiss would beat Republican Graf by about 10 percent. However, when the two leading Democrats were matched up against Huffman, both races were too close to call, falling within the margin of error.

x4mr said...

Stacy's blog, which has a great reputation for accuracy, is noting a rumor (yes, rumor) that NRCC has in fact already stated that it will NOT support the AZ 08 nominee because they feel he cannot win.

If this is in fact the case, I cannot imagine how disgusted some Republican voters must be. First of all, if a candidate does the campaigning and fundraising and meeting people and getting his word out to where he can win the primary, does he not deserve the best fighting chance his party can give him in the general?

Who the F are these people to tell the voters of CD 8 who can win and who cannot? Let me get this straight, "Yes, CD 8 primary voters, your guy still won despite our spending a fortune for our guy, but your guy still can't win the general, so we won't help!"

OK, perhaps it will be a tough road for Randy. OK, maybe he is more conservative than "certain people" would prefer. So what?!

If Randy wins today, it is an earned win despite an unfair playing field, and this is the guy they refuse to support?

I am independent and very open that I lean blue, but this is a bipartisan remark. I would be mortified if the DCCC came into CD 8 and told their primary voters who to vote for "or else."

Who do these people think they are?

BorderPatrol said...

These are the same idiots who thought Ronald Reagan was too conservative to beat Jimmy Carter.

Anonymous said...

Its the NRCC's Money. If they are deciding to spend Money in a race, its because they are looking at the nation's interest in preserving a seat. The Daily Star even said it. Graf wins primary, Dems lose general. If Huffman wins primary, Republicans could hold onto our seat. its common sense. The Democrats must have similar polling otherwise why would all of our TV's be flashing their ads attacking Huffman?
again... common sense....

BorderPatrol said...

The NRCC is pro-Amnesty which is the real reason they are behind Huffman, who also supports Amnesty.

Anonymous said...


saying the NRCC is pro-Amnesty is ridiculous.

Are you even a Republican?

Kralmajales said...

I actually think Anon is right on this one. I do think that if Graf wins, there will be MAJOR egg on the face of the party. They MAY give some support just because of this egg and the future...BUT...there is a lot here I think they will want to avoid. Number one...I think the amnesty thing goes to far, but I do think the RNC will avoid the tempest of going to the matt on immigration policy. There are grower, business men, builders, developers and realtor who profit greatly from illegal labor. PLUS, they have a large hispanic population here that they have been recruiting. Going to the matt on immigration...HERE...would be very damaging to their future with Latino/Hispanic voters. They will have to go way beyond the pale to win here with Graf. Why not take on immigration in a heavily white district where there are plenty of voters easily angered on their side and few to anger on the other. I can see them using immigration big time in the midwest and south, but here...they have some risks.