Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We Shall Never Surrender!

Everyone knows that Kolbe will not endorse Graf in order to satisfy his grudge against Graf for challenging him as a Republican incumbent. But Huffman can't do that because he has to do whatever he can to salvage his political future, which is generally accepted as nil.

Huffman has not called Graf about the election results, but he did send a statement over to the Graf headquarters today saying that he will support the declared nominee. Huffman has stated he will wait until the provisional ballots are counted and a final winner is announced before accepting defeat. That could be as late as September 25th.

After experiencing Huffman's unscrupulous behavior during the campaign, some are concerned that Steve Huffman may have an alias of "Al Gore." Be on the lookout for boxes of ballots that mysteriously appear, or ballots that get rejected because they have Graf votes on them when the voters thought they were voting for Huffman. Remember too state senator Paula Aboud and the magically appearing ballots that all happened to be voting for her.

In this election, anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

More Kolbe tricks? As recently as yesterday, when you Googled in the words Arizona Eighth (no quotes), this blog was the first listing. Now, the first listing is Kolbe's official House website.

FEDUP said...

What is the Paula Aboud story? Did that happen in this election or a prior one? Details please.

Yes, Graf needs to get attorneys involved and people observing. Brad Nelson and the corporate backers of Huffman cannot be trusted.

There have been some issues on the Democratic side too, but Democrats like to lay down and die rather than fight when they are screwed by other Democrats. Republicans fight.

After what happened in LD20, Graf better take this pretty seriously. There is a local group that works on election integrity issues and has had some articles in the paper. Graf should contact them, specifically a guy named Brakey who can tell him what to look out for and ways the election can be frauded. Brakey is a Democrat (I think) but he works for all parties to ensure accuracy so he might be helpful.