Monday, October 30, 2006

4% of Registered Voters Report As Non-Citizens

A week ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 9th Circuit to allow the voter identification provision of Proposition 200 to be enforced in the upcoming election. During the period of the 9th Circuit's stay of the provision, concerns of voting fraud surfaced. Now it seems Cochise County workers are reporting that of 12,000 jury summons sent to registered voters, 500 recipients called back to say they could not serve because they are not citizens. Assuming a random sample, that's over 4% of registered voters that are not U.S. citizens—an interesting report given the issues in this year's election.


sirocco said...

That IS an interesting report ... can you provide the source please? I'd be interested in reading it.

It would be more interesting to actually do a follow-up on those 500 recipients in a formal study to check on teh following:

1. How many were sebt to the wrong person with the same name of a legally registered voter?

2. How many have actually voted in the past?

If they actually have the list, there are the makings of a good study here.

Liza said...

I would say that a lot more information is needed about this report. Based on my own personal experience with the County recorder, their voter information is not exactly the poster child for data integrity.

cc burro said...

What does Cochise County use as the basis for jury summons? The Arizona Revised Statutes--

--allows counties to use voter registration lists, drivers license lists, and other lists [tax filers] to make their master juror lists.

I speculate that Cochise County does not rely solely on the voter registration lists because there are a lot of citizens who NOT registered voters. It would be interesting to find out which lists Cochise actually uses to make up their master list.

Kralmajales said...

I think this report is, whatever it is, is evidence that arguments like mine are working.

As a public policy response to voter fraud, this proposition is not worth the costs. It, at best, gets at a miniscule amount of fraud. Few people vote anyone...only the most educated...and I don't see any evidence whatsoever that illegals vote.

The amount of tax dollars (yes Republicans...MY MONEY) spent on a program that is costly to run, administrate and advertise that gets at sooo sooo little is called a cost-sink.

The best way to get at voter fraud is to crack down on those who count, the discrepencies in machines, and those who transport ballots.

There we are talking about thousands of voters versus a few confused illegals who might best.

I am glad my rhetoric..and that of finally hitting home.

The more we talk about this and challenge the right on these issues, the more people see the truth..and yes...think about it.

The Committee said...

Cochise county uses voter registrations and drivers licenses to identify people for jury duty. Neither voter registrations nor drivers licenses required proof of citizenship in the past (still not 100%). I agree, Sirocco, it could be a very interesting study if Cochise county will release names.

cc burro said...

The "REAL ID" law was passed in 2005 and states are supposed to comply with it by 2008 (?). My memory on this is a little sketchy, but this is what I think it requires--

Supposedly, by 2008, if someone wants to use his/her drivers license for federal purposes--boarding an airplane, for example, he/she will need to have a license from a state that has complied with the REAL ID law. Compliance requires that states reissue drivers licenses and everyone who receives a drivers license will be required to prove their citizenship through various documents. The states will be required to hold paper and e-copies of all of these documents for some set number of years. I think originally that this was an unfunded mandate. Many states have conveyed great concern about the high cost of doing this. [However, I think a couple of states have gotten some funding to start the process for compliance.]

The biggest problem--The people in state government who review the documents supposedly proving that someone is a citizen are not experts in detecting fraud, and it is incredibly easy to get fraudulent documents. Thus, I wonder how effective this new law is going to be.

bisbee jim said...

if you've ever been called up for jury duty, you know that people will say ANYTHING to get out of serving. So why shouldnt' 4% give the excuse that they aren't citizens, if it will get them out of serving. It might be true, it might not be. I think the jury's out on this one :-)

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