Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bloggers Interviewed About CD8 Race

Bloggers had an opportunity to speak out instead of write about the CD8 race on a show broadcast in some areas on NPR. Listen to the show at Open Source Blogger Show.


Tedski said...

Who was that guy they played the soundbite from? He was brilliant.

I bet the ladies love him too.

sirocco said...

I agree he sounded brilliant, not so sure about the ladies.

That was a pretty neat show to listen to. Wish they had actually interviewed you tedski, and managed to get Framer in there as well.

Framer said...


I actually spoke to them, and recommended others for the information they were looking for. They wanted someone with 20+ years of political knowledge of the area and issues. 20+ years ago I was more concerned with Middle School. I also have a face and a voice for blogging :)

I did recommend Tedski, and Espresso Pundit as well as Margaret Kenski for more information.