Thursday, October 12, 2006

Giffords Eluding Graf Encounter?

Giffords and Graf appeared at a Mountain Oyster Club event last night. After a nice dinner, Gabby was invited to speak. Before she opened her mouth, Randy Graf and staff were dismissed to a back room while Gabby spoke to the group. Gabby had demanded that the Graf campaign make themselves scarce during her remarks. After Gabby concluded, Graf was invited back into the room to speak. At that point, she left.

This, by itself, would seem a bit odd. But this makes it two events and two weeks in a row including last week at the utility contractors event where she made the same demand putting Graf in a back room during her presentation.

Gabby has given no reason, but one could surmise that this is a calculated effort to prevent Randy from giving a rebuttal. Perhaps she feels that she has a substantial enough lead that any confrontation could only hurt her.

Surprisingly, a seventh debate has surfaced on the schedule at which Giffords has agreed to appear. The rumor mill claims that Gabby committed to the debate prior to the primary and then reneged after having set up her parameters for appearances with Randy en route to the general election. As we understand it, the retirees who obtained the original commitment were very upset and said so until Giffords relented.

This new event is to be held at Hundred Palms Retirement community Saturday, October 21st at 2 PM.

*Some have criticized Gabby for speaking in an exclusive club open only to males. Our inquiries suggest this is not the case, that the club is open to members of both sexes.


Randall Holdridge said...

For goodness sake, don't trash the MO club. It's something more or less good that has survived the grubbers' onslaught on the Old Pueblo. Whatever happened to the Old Pueblo Club? Who cares, we've got all the tract suburbs we could ever want, and a city full of anonyms.

Randall Holdridge said...

Come on, you can't claim that Mr. Graf hasn't had plenty of chances to compare and contrast himself in person with Ms. Giffords. Why you imagine that is to his advantage remains a mystery.

sirocco said...


If there is another debate added, wouldn't that be the seventh? I am pretty sure she already agreed to six with Graf, which you thought was a small number and just about everyone else felt was more than expected.

BTW, that approach isn't unusual -- the parties have agreed to formal debates, and Giffords (the acknowledged front-runner) has no real interest in turning appearances into additional unscheduled, informal, unmoderated debates.

The Committee said...

Another long day and I mix up the numbers. Thank you for correcting me on the number of scheduled debates. There are now seven.

x4mr said...

I am not connected to the Giffords campaign and do not know their MO, but I have been paying attention to this race from the word go, and what I can say with some confidence is that they set their own rules.

During the primary, bloggers and others bitched that she wouldn't respond to this or that, such as Weiss's posts at kos, and so on.

Some griped about how long they waited to advertise on tv. Then some, myself included, thought six (now seven, I suppose) debates was excessive.

I can say this with a degree of certainty: Gabrielle Giffords is not the least bit afraid of facing Randy Graf, and we know the way in which her campaign has agreed that this will occur.

See you Tuesday.

Jane Arizona said...

I saw the same thing happen with Jim Pederson and Jon Kyl - one left the room while the other spoke. Perhaps it's a fairly common practice? said...

Randall Holdridge-

By the way, I wanted to thank you for the nice letter that you co-wrote with Jim Click, David Mehl, John Munger, Mike Hellon, and Bruce Ash. We didn't think that it was in your heart Stevie Boy, and you're still a jerk, but thank you for the fundraising support letter. It's also good that your name was LAST on that letter, as it should be.

Kolbe Is a Sicko said...

Thank God that Jim Kolbe will no longer be representing anyone in Congress after this term. Here’s a brief excerpt from a detailed article about the border in The New York Times today. In it, Kolbe makes his boldest, most anti-Republican Party platform rant to date. It is strange that all of his venom is aimed at Randy Graf. Why doesn’t Kolbe just realize that it’s not Randy Graf’s fault that the Republican Party platform: won’t let him marry another dude or dudes; doesn’t agree with Kolbe that it’s cool to murder unborn human babies minutes before they are due to be born; that embryonic stem-cell research is totally unethical; and doesn’t support amnesty for illegal aliens. Here’s the Kolbe part from Joseph Lelyveld’s article from the NY Times. (I added the bold to point out what I thought were Kolbe’s most outlandish statements):

[Last year Kolbe announced he was stepping down. When I visited his office on Capitol Hill in June, he insisted that he could have beaten Randy Graf by a wider margin in a rematch. Graf and the immigration issue, Kolbe told me, hadn’t driven him from politics. (“I want to get out while people are still urging me to stay,” he said. “I want to get out while I can walk out and not be carried out of here.”) Kolbe had already endorsed one of Graf’s primary opponents, Steve Huffman. He would never support Graf, he vowed. If, despite his best efforts, his old opponent took the nomination, Congressman Kolbe said, it was “an absolute certainty, guaranteed” that the seat would go Democratic. The Eighth could never be won, he said, by a “know-nothing party person — anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, anti-stem-cell-research, anti-gay-rights, anti-everything, right down the line.”]

Well, Mr. Kolbe, I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll start here. I am glad that we have a chance, and a very good chance at that, to have a Republican representing the 8th Congressional District of Arizona for the first time ever. You, Jim Kolbe, are such a disgrace. Kolbe is anything but a Republican. If I used the name RINO (Republican in Name Only) to describe people, I would think that even RINO was too complimentary to him. Right now, Kolbe is still off somewhere in Europe, and can anybody guess why Kolbe is in Europe? Well, my guess is that part of the reason is because the long arm of the American Justice Dept. will have a more difficult time getting its hands on him if he just flees the country. I have many friends who are College Republicans or have been College Republicans who Jim “the Sexual Predator” Kolbe has made advances on, has invited to stay over and even two who I know for certain, he has insisted sleep with him in his bed. Many CRs are as young as 18 years-old. Strait adult males, but Kolbe has tried to do what he can to convince his prey. And I mention their ages, because we all know that they were just barely adults. How old is Kolbe again? Old enough to be a dirty old man!

Once Jim's behavior became known to others - he loves to prance around DC with his young adult male entourages - Jim “the Sexual Predator” Kolbe should have never been invited into the Republican Party with open arms, because all that Kolbe brought to the Republicans was the most vile kind of cancer imaginable. An abuse of power and a total moral corruption. Anything that Mark Foley did, surely Jim Kolbe was there before him. Kolbe's supposed confrontation of Mark Foley was probably more of a Turf War than anything else. I can imagine that Kolbe’s confrontation of Foley went something like this: “Those are my pages. I claimed them first, so stay away from them.” Over the years, many in local and national party circles just turned their head or ignored when Kolbe showed up to events with young men. Now, Kolbe may have waited until they were at least 18, I have no evidence that he propositioned anybody younger than that, but Kolbe does like them young. He has long abused his position as a member of Congress as a vehicle to feed his predatory behavior.

So, now Jim Kolbe wants to continue talking poorly of Randy Graf. Well, all I can say is that Kolbe’s credibility is completely shot. While the Justice Dept. investigates him for his 1996 camping trip with underage pages or former pages, they might also want to start going around and asking young men who have been members of the UA College Republicans over the past few years what kinds of advances that Jim Kolbe has made toward them. And I’d be willing to bet that once information starts to trickle out about Kolbe’s behavior, the trickle will turn into a pour, and maybe, just maybe, somebody will be able to finally stop Jim Kolbe’s predatory behavior.

Kralmajales said...


Oh, you are hatin on old Stevie boy, but are saying nothing about Click and the gang who engineered the attacks on Graf and supported Huffman?

Hmmmm. Ya'll need em now...I guess. An honest difference of opinion? Let by-gones be by-gones?

Kralmajales said...

And seven debates...that is just nuts in my mind. It is a gift to you Graf-ites...especially since you all have no money to buy ads and are now accepting ads paid for by total wingnuts like the Minutemen and the woman associated with Ken Lay.

If only old Kyl had given Pederson as many.