Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Graf-Giffords Gap

The following provides the positions of Randy Graf and Gabrielle Giffords on select issues provided by the Center for Arizona Policy. Randy's positions are his recorded responses to the CAP questionaire. Although Gabby refused to respond to the questionaire, we have provided her positions based on her statements in debates and other venues, and campaign staff statements. We welcome any corrections provided by the campaigns.

1. Tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
2. Prohibiting all forms of human cloning. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
3. Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Graf opposes, Giffords supports.
4. Mandating employers provide unmarried partners the same benefits as married couples. Graf opposes, Giffords supports.
5. Exploring and drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
6. U.S. constitutional ammendment to define marriage as joining one man and one woman. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
7. Federal judges relying on laws of other countries as basis for court decisions. Graf opposes, Giffords unknown. (corrected)
8. Allowing workers to invest Social Security taxes in a private account. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
9. Prohibiting abortion except when the life of the mother is in danger. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
10.Transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion to avoid parental involvement laws. Graf opposes, Giffords supports.
11. Making the 2001 federal tax cuts permanent. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
12.Adding “sexual orientation” as a protected class in antidiscrimination law. Graf opposes, Giffords supports.
13.Expanding tribal casino gambling. Graf opposes, Giffords unknown.
14.Enforcing the FCC ban on broadcasting indecent material. Graf supports, Giffords opposes.
15.Permitting the government to take private property for economic development. Graf opposes, Giffords unsure.


Liza said...

"Exploring and drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Graf supports, Giffords opposes."

That's our girl! I won't vote for ANYONE who supports drilling in the Refuge.

You Republicans can drive your SUV's into landfills for all I care. The Refuge belongs to the people.

Excellent position, Ms Giffords.

Anonymous said...

"Federal judges relying on laws of other countries as basis for court decisions. Graf supports"

Traitor - Graf doesn't want to let these people come to our country but he's willing to let our judges rely on their laws to make court decisions in our country.

Graf is no conservative.

Oh wait, maybe he thought this was like taking USGA rules from the rules of the Royal Scottish Golf Association... that would explain it!

Liza said...

"Allowing workers to invest Social Security taxes in a private account. Graf supports, Giffords opposes."

Yes, indeed, Graf will support Social Security privatization aka the Wall Street Lootfest. All those fees for all those millions of accounts and all for doing absolutely nothing EXCEPT being a Bush supporter. Yes, George has not yet been able to deliver Social Security to his Wall Street friends as promised and he only has two more years. Randy will help him get this done. Another reason to NOT vote for Randy (as if you didn't already know.)

Bruce P. Murchison said...

I'm sure it was a typo:

"Federal judges relying on laws of other countries as basis for court decisions. Graf supports"

Graf would never trust foreign governments. Check the facts.

Craig Dimitri said...


I am a writer with Blogger News Network (BNN). We have a Google News page rank of 6, and we are trying to cover as many competitive, interesting campaigns as we can.

I'm from Pennsylvania; I found this race because of a BBC article on it. The BBC article is linked in my story.

I've never been to Arizona, although I follow politics everywhere, so I'm obviously not especially well-informed on politics in the state. If anyone has some helpful news that I can put in a story, I'd certainly be happy to link back to your blog.

Here's my story on the 8th CD:


Any help, info, opinions, etc., you'd like to e-mail to me, I'd appreciate. You can e-mail me at
cdimitri1@yahoo.com. I respond to all e-mails, as quickly as possible.


Craig Dimitri

The Committee said...

I call for a no tolerance policy for bloggers. Some make too many typos.

puppy dog said...


Welcome to Arizona, if even in a virtual sense. Here is a hyperlink to your story and your e-mail.

Craig’s story on the AZ CD 8 race.
Craig’s e-mail.

I have one question about your article. Why bother writing a story if your believe that Gabby has it all sown up?

By the way the real blog covering this race is Sonoran Alliance. Arizona 8th is only a part-time hobby blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Arizona 8th viewers.

The final death knell of the Graf campaign will happen tomorrow when Margaret Kenski's poll will be released. I have direct knowledge that it will confirm a double-digit deficit for the Graf campaign with six days left in the race. Remember that it's a Republican pollster.

After all of the attacks, no movement........ the numbers have cemented. It's over.

I was the one who called last week's KVOA/Daily Star poll last week when the misinformers here were saying the race was even.

Enjoy the numbers when they come out tomorrow. I will be celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Kenski’s polls have been pretty lame so far. Her way of identifying likely voters misses any new comers by design. She is also better described as Jim Kolbe’s former pollster than as a Republican pollster.

Anonymous said...

"Kenski’s polls have been pretty lame so far."

Sure -- if you're a Graf supporter! Funny -- all of the polls have been flawed and lame! Because all seven of them show that Graf will have his paleolithic arse handed to him by Ms. Giffords in one week's time.

x4mr said...


Oh, ha, ha, god, paleolithic arse?!!!

I gotta remember that one for a future blog post.

Anonymous said...

Craig is just reporting the facts as they are being seen by the majority of the public, the polls, the conventional wisdom, the voters and pretty much everyone in the world except for the people who write this blog, Sonoran Alliance and the Graf campaign who are apparently the only people on this planet who still think Graf can win.

Hey, here's an idea - after Graf loses, why don't you all blame the Diebold voting machines :-)

The Committee said...

One has to wonder why KVOA originally leaked the numbers with a 6 point difference, then held the results, then released them with a 10 point difference a week later. Not that it's the first time that has happened, but it is getting a bit tiresome and raises questions.

Anonymous said...

Ummm - maybe it wasn't KVOA that leaked results, maybe it was just Graf supporters trying to set up a positive story for their candidate.

Were they officially leaked by someone at KVOA? Give us a name of the leaker and maybe that will explain things.

Kralmajales said...

One of the anons mentioned that the poll might be flawed because it doesn't measure newcomers to the race. This may indeed be true, but do you think that newcomers are going to vote for Graf over Giffords?

THIS year? When most new voters appear to be out to hang republicans? I am betting that most of the newcomers that vote in this election are ready to punish the party. The other newcomers (a much smaller percentage) might vote for Graf on the immigration issue.

I would bet that this year the polls are going to underestimate democratic support.

cc burro said...

One concern--How are the Republicans going to get rid of with the recurring $100 million deficits [as far as the eye can see] and the $8-$9 trillion debt YET keep all of these tax cuts [and get rid of the estate tax, which they tried to do]???

Mind you, I haven't heard of a Democratic plan either for dealing with the deficit.

I don't think either party has put forth a fiscally responsible plan for GETTING RID of the deficit [and start paying down the debt that we are passing to our children and grandchildren]...

This is the 800-lb gorilla that no one has the guts to talk about honestly with the citizenry.

puppy dog said...

Anon (4:05 pm),

While Sonoran Alliance certainly treats politics as a contact sport please site a recent post where they predict that Graf will win. They have been very partisan but also very clear that this is a tough race.

Vandy said...

Well this pretty much puts it in black and white. Graf is a Reagan conservative and traditionalist while Giffords is an ACLU liberal and progressive. It just comes down to who you trust more (or less, if you're a cynic) with your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Life: Speaking as a father, a former embryo, and someone who doesn't want to see Islamofacists take over the world, Graf gets the nod.

Liberty: While Gabby is an ACLUer and liberty is in their name, I'm afraid her idea of liberty doesn't quite jive with what the founding fathers meant when they coined the phrase. I think Patrick Henry is spinning in his grave every time the ACLUers talk about their idea of liberty.

Pursuit of happiness: Assuming happiness requires living, and having the means to pay the bills, Graf gets the nod.

Unanimous decision: 3-0 Graf.

Anonymous said...

Giffords sounds like a Kolbe clone. At least she won't pretend to be conservative like Kolbe. The question is will she bring home the Bacon like Kolbe did and will she wise up on the border issues or will she be a one term wonder.

Randall Holdridge said...

This site is temporarily crazy. After having made a principled point of asking that Sonoran Alliance drop its link here, the site hosts a barrage of trolls linking the two sites together nonetheless.

That's what I realize about principles. Republicans don't really give a shit about them. After all, "principles" definitely come second place to "talking points".

Liza said...

Yes, this thread got crazy but this is my absolute favorite:

"Life: Speaking as a father, a former embryo, and someone who doesn't want to see Islamofacists take over the world, Graf gets the nod."

Isn't it great that someone has come forward to represent the embryos? I guess they needed someone who is still very much aligned with their state of being.

Too bad there is no one to represent the 650K Iraqis who are "spinning" in their mass graves. Oh, I suppose they were all "Islamofascists?"

Kralmajales said...

Funny...if Giffords is a Kolbe clone, I can understand greatly why right-wing republicans would not like her or him. However, since he served this district (and re-elected time after time for 22 years) and attracted both republican and democrat support, it must be a sign that she is going to be here to stay...for a long long long time.

back to basics said...

Innocent Iraqis spinning in their mass graves put there by a deposed dictator, Liza. A dictator who would still be in power if it were up to you and your party leaders. A dictator who would be providing aid and comfort to terrorists if it were up to you and your party leaders. A dictator who would still be having mass graves dug and innocents killed if it were up to you and your party leaders.

Hey. Screw the innocents, right Liza? Whether they are full grown and living under the thumb of an evil dictator, or embryos who made no decision (or "choice" I think you call it) about whether to be conceived.

Liza said...

back to basics,
Wow, you buy that propaganda hook, line, and sinker, don't you? Check out the Project for the New American Century at www.newamericancentury.org and learn something about Iraq, Saddam, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, and the rest of it. You'll have to read a 90 page document called "Rebuilding America's Defenses." At least check out the letter PNAC wrote to Clinton in 1998 making their case for invading Iraq. Its only a couple of pages.

Until such as time as you catch up on your reading, suffice it to say that human rights was not an issue, it wasn't even on the table. It was about empire, hegemony, and oil .

No, let's not "screw" the innocents being slaughtered in Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, Congo, Gaza, etc...Let's work together for peace. Have you noticed that you can't bomb a nation into compliance? Have you noticed how much people hate being occupied?
Probably not.

Let's leave it at this. We do not agree.