Monday, October 16, 2006

Graf's Leadership Forces the Issue

Anti-war wannabes continue to bang the war drum claiming that Iraq is the primary issue among voters. They ignore realists on both sides of the aisle who stay busy cranking out ad after ad about getting tough on the border. As much as some hate to admit it, they recognize that a tough-on-the-border candidate may not take all the marbles with this issue, but a candidate certainly won't be invited to the game without at least an aggie or two that says "I can be tough, too."

Congress knows it. That's why they have capitulated after years of sitting on their hands and decrying any attempt to crack down as merely feeding those who live to play the race card. Randy Graf has broken through the PC wall and demonstrated that nobody, including hispanics, wants to continue living with the social problems created by illegal immigration.

Now, a congressional race in a sleepy little district in Southern Arizona has attracted national attention. It has become THE race to watch as if the whole border issue being debated across the country boiled down to two candidates in CD8 representing both sides of the issue. How big is this race? According to National Review Online "A Graf win would be a political earthquake, and would have every presidential contender in both parties asking, 'am I tough enough on illegal immigration?'"

Perhaps Senator McCain's endorsement of Graf is an anticipatory response.


sirocco said...

I assume you are referring to AZ 8 specifically when you discuss the importance of border vs war was issues for the voters.

It's clear within AZ 8 the border is the larger issue. However, on the national scale the war beats the border hands down.

Liza said...

These are the news headlines for October 16, 2006, as reported on "Democracy Now":

- Bloodshed in Balad, Iraq: Over 97 Killed In Weekend Violence
- Maliki Faces Possible Ouster In Favor Of Strongman Government
- Sunni Groups Declare Islamic Republic inside Iraq
- Attacks on Iraqi Journalists Increase
- October Shaping Up To Be One of Deadliest Months for U.S.
- Italian Photojournalist Kidnapped in Afghanistan
- UN Security Council Imposes Sanctions Against N. Korea
- UK Coroner Rules U.S. Troops Unlawfully Killed Terry Lloyd
- Israeli President Faces Possible Rape Charges
- GOP Rep. Bob Ney Pleads Guilty in Abramoff Case
- British Schools Urged to Spy on Muslim Students
- Federal Agents Question 14-Year-Old Girl Over Webpage

Indeed, there is much to be concerned about in addition to "illegal immigration." By all means, talk radio Republicans, keep hawking it and identify yourselves as the "one issue" party, because that's what you are unless we count the ban on gay marriage.

pinkiris said...

If the NEWS had its way, we would have NEVER heard a word about illegal immigration, except to tell us how good it is for US and THEM.

Which explains why there are BLOGS.

x4mr said...

Well said, Liza, as usual.

Not to be inflammatory for inflaming's sake, but this talk occurs to me like arranging chairs on the Titanic.

I get the local/national thing and that there are a number of folks fired up about the border. They are already in Graf's 35% and have been there from the word go.

We'll know soon enough, but my worldview says GOP is in some deep shit. I think Woodward's State of Denial on one end and David Kuo's Tempting Faith on the other end are resonating perspectives promising nothing very cheerful for Republicans.

Your red turf radar is better than mine, but mine says a growing number of republicans in Washington are secretly behind closed doors scratching their heads about Bush's obstinancy on Iraq and North Korea.

For Christ's sakes!! Sit down with the guy and let him say whatever!! I'd go for just for the cognac!

You've abandoned Ohio and are struggling elsewhere. If Pederson were, well, anyway, Kyl would be in trouble.

And barring a debate debacle, CD 8 is going to a woman.

x4mr said...

Oh, and forgot to mention Foley and your party's bifurcation on whether homosexuals are human beings or demons from hell mouth.

Kralmajales said...


That statement was ludicrous. Look at Fox, Dobbs, and the host of stories on the border over and over again. These folks blame every ill in America on the border. What a joke!

You worry about the costs of the border when we are spending billions to protect it. You worry about the costs of the border when any cost is totally dwarfed by the amount we are spending on Iraq. $300 + billion and it has done zippo to protect us against terrorism.

Last, the benefits of those who have come here are unfathomable. We have a labor shortage now that they have filled. We will have a bigger one as the boomers retire. Who will grow your economy out of the deficit that Republicans have created?

You better be nice to will be Mexican-Americans.