Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Polling Results, Finally!

The rumors from the past several weeks claiming that several polls are showing a close race between Gabby and Randy are about to be validated. We are hearing from so many sources that Gabby and Randy are running dead even that we are taking the results as confirmed. Our sources tell us that at least one group will be releasing its results today or tomorrow. Others may follow in the next several days.

We interpret the results as suggesting that Randy Graf has overcome much of the damage inflicted by one of his opponents in the primary and is clearly gaining momentum. We expect Gabby to maintain her base, but voters that temporarily hedged their bets just after the primary appear to be returning to Graf.

We expect a fairly low percentage of undecided voters in this poll.

Stay tuned for the results.


sirocco said...

Coolness -- a new set of poll results is overdue.

Give us all something to write about at least. :)

Enough said...

Giffords had my vote. Pretty solidly too, even though it was a hold-your-nose vote. Until yesterday. It was the final straw. I don't agree with all Randy's positions, but at least he takes a firm stand. With him I know what I get and in 2 years hopefully the Democrats will put forth better opposition. Between her flip flopping, lying and downright refusal to answer questions I have had it. She can pull that in debates, but not when I ask her a direct question. I do not know who she really is or what she stands for other than her own personal ambition. I am going to vote Republican in this race for the first time in decades.

pinkiris said...

Seeing the light! Good for you and YOUR honesty. As I have said, I expect that Randy is realistically ahead in the vote soon to be documented.

Lastly, he will no more get everything he wants to get done in Congress than any other single individual will. AND he has already demonstrated that he is a man who knows how to compromise, yet will draw the line regarding his stated principals. In the meantime, Gabby is demonstrating she has no principals.

Kralmajales said...

All this talk about Giffords not having principals? Come on folks, we can agree to disagree, but in comparison to Randy Graf???

Graf's attacks her for a vote on sex offenders while he hires a convicted and registered pedophile, Steve Aiken, as his initial campaign manager.

Randy Graf put forth ideas like guns in bars. He also hangs out and even supports some of the more racist and bigoted members of you party like Russell Pearce.

I can tell you plenty about what Giffords believes and has fought for that you will agree disagree with. One she has fought for our university system when it was being cut back by Republicans like Graf.

She did her level best to work with business and actually showed herself to be reasonable as she did it.

She also has the endorsments of police and fire. Those who protect us!

Best to you...but I can't believe you all would vote for an extremist like Graf just to keep the house...when Giffords is so very reasonable.

Anonymous said...


Your face will turn bright red when the Zimmerman poll results come out tomorrow and show that Graf continues to lose by double digits in a Republican district. Just wait. You will have lost all credibility for good. The little you had left after that whopper about public TV station KUAT spending 10 grand on a poll, deciding to bury it, and then firing someone who leaked it will rapidly evaporate! ROTFL!!!! And how you asserted that Patty Weiss had so much more grassroots support than Giffords, and would win. Oops.

Such balderdash is just like you right-wingers. Just like when Bush said the other day "I've never been 'stay the course.'" You guys simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Or you are all just in a "state of denial."

I can't wait to see what you say tomorrow after this poll comes out. Framer=zero credibility.

Graf is toast. Just wait until tomorrow. And I'll be laughing hard. And I'll also be laughing at any of the people who visit this blog who actually believe what you say.

"Explain THAT to the voters of Arizona."

sirocco said...


For the record, it was The Committee who made this blog post, not Framer. This blog is shared by two posters.

Having said that, you might want to wait and see what the results are before gloating ... one always seems so much smarter that way ...

Mind you, I kind of hope you're right regarding the actual results.

Mister T in AZ said...

That polling data ready yet??

Randall Holdridge said...


Your sound advice to anon about waiting for the poll before gloating would seem to apply equally to The Committee -- unless either of those two know moe than they're telling, in which case ... well, let's just say it's irritating.

Mr. T in AZ --

Tucson's Channel 4 will announce the results of their latest KVOA/Star poll tonight, and it will be in the Arizona Daily Star tomorrow (Friday) a.m.

Anonymous said...

I don't know more than I'm telling, because I am telling you that I know that the KVOA poll shows a double-digit deficit for SeƱor Graf. Just wait until tonight's newscast. It's a fact. And it's also a fact that this blog is a continual source of disinformation, which will be confirmed on the evening news tonight.

Randy Fan said...

What is your point Graf is not running and is so over it...