Friday, November 03, 2006

Values Voters May Swing Election to Graf

A recent Zogby-UPI poll found that in the upcoming election, Republican and independent voters are most concerned with values, morals and character when assessing the qualifications of a candidate. This was fifth on the Democrat's list with opposition to the war reported to be their number one concern.

Not surprisingly, Republicans and independents sent a message to Kolbe when 43% voted for Graf 2 years ago and rejected Huffman in this year's primary election. Up to now, Giffords has enjoyed a relatively clean image as a candidate. It has yet to be seen how voters will respond to recent reports relating to the timing of her involvement with Mark Kelly and the Tucson city land deal, however. In both cases, ignoring, or simply refuting, the claims probably would have been sufficient to push the issue to the back considering her media support. But by changing her version of when she began dating Kelly, and contacting the state to alter documents in order to appear less culpable in the sweetheart land deal, only raises the level of doubt in the minds of the public and adds further suspicion to her activities.

In the land deal scandal, her explanation of "I wasn't part of it" places her on the level of a Bernie Ebbers who made similar claims as CEO of Worldcom in an effort to deny culpability. If Giffords wants to extricate herself, she will have to develop a more thoughtful response.

While the war may still overshadow all other issues for Democrats, in a district held by a majority of Republicans and independents concerned about values, morals and character, and at a time when voters are becoming less tolerant of D.C. scandals, anything short of a complete explanation can only hurt Giffords.


sirocco said...


You overstate the case entirely. Had the land lease been negotiated by El Cmappo Tires, Inc., then your Ebber's comparison would have a point.

Of course, the comparison breaks down entirely in that WorldCom was engaged in illegal accounting practices, while there is nothing illegal at all about the land lease. Don't let that stop you, though.

Concerning Mr. Kelly, I would love to see your actual source for her changing the timeline on their dating. Everything I have seen has been consistent -- that they first met in 2003, but didn't start dating until late 2004 or early 2005 (a reference to "about 18 months ago" which was made in June or July of this year).

vetdem said...

You losers are desperate!

Rex Scott said...

Eleventh hour, gutter level tactics of this nature speak to the true nature of those heading up the Graf effort. Are these REALLY the same people who took such offense to the negative smears Huffman launched at THEM in the primary? What base hypocrites!

There is no substance whatsoever to the land deal story and the references to Gabby's personal life are contemptible. The gratifying aspect of being the target of these slimy attacks is that Graf's troops are accomplishing nothing except helping to pad Gabby's margin of victory. How they look in the mirror without feeling revulsion is another matter and one they and their consciences are left alone to confront. These are, however, the same folks who applauded what Saxby Chambliss did to Max Cleland in Georgia a few years ago, so no one should be too shocked by their perfidy and complete lack of character.

The surest way to identify a certain loser is what they do when they realize that they can't win on the issues. The emergence of these two "stories" says nothing about Gabby, but they say a great deal about R.T. Gregg and the rest of Graf's "brain trust." My hunch is that close to a third of Republicans will back Gabby and the type of campaign run by Graf's backers will be the chief reason for those defections.

Dogma said...


I empathize with your frustration at this election not going your way. As a Dem, I’ve lived that reality for twelve years now.

However, these mental gymnastics are really beneath you. While I don’t agree with your politics, you are certainly much too intelligent to buy your own rhetoric here, which is all that this amounts to.

Liza said...

Why would you link to "thinkrightarizona?" That blog sucks by any standard. "Sonoran Alliance" isn't so hot either, btw.

cc burro said...

Who doesn't vote their "values"?

puppy dog said...

Sonoran Alliance Rocks!

cc burro said...

"Values" obviously include not being corrupt and not deceiving the public--values which ALL voters care about--values which the Republicans have not been getting good press on during the past several months.

Anonymous said...

Kinda late to the party, aren't you AZ8th blog? If he wanted to impact voters, Graf should have had his ads running and outted Giffords about 3 weeks earlier. Patty Weiss found that out the hard way. It is all about timing and strategy and Graf has run terrible ads and has had terrible timing while Giffords has run a brilliant campaign.

Don't get me wrong though. I am voting for Graf, even though he likely doesn't stand a chance. See you at the polls!

bookmobile said...

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Kralmajales said...


Values my ass...Randy Graf hired a known convicted child molester that posed as some kind of youth minister.

Am I wrong in thinking your values argument smacks of total bull???

Giffords did not run a single negative ad against her primary opponent. In the general, she primary nailed ole Randy on his record and issues.

I didn't see a single ad about his involvement with Steve Aiken. Add that to the Foley scandal and the now that oh so holey minister in Colorado who was a leader against gay marriage and I have to wonder what kind of values your party actually values and follows.

Please please look at your party folks...don't by this late minute juice on Giffords...and wise up. Vote Democrat in this one. You won't be at all sorry. Look what you have got from this party?

Record deficits...a clearly horrifying and mishandled war...a cooked up excuse for a war that you all can no longer claim was anything but deception of the American public. Now look at the new Vanity Fair story...even the neo-cons are running from their story about the war.

This thing is so over. Ya'll deserve the whipping you all are about to take tomorrow.

I only wish Jon Kyl could share in it...but maybe when he sees which way the tide is going, he will wise up and start acting like a human being...with a little compassion for people.