Friday, November 24, 2006

Who Wants To Run The GOP?

Shortly after this past election, the national GOP stated "they got the message" and that they recognized they had strayed from their conservative ideals and needed to get back to them. They decided a shake up in party leadership was needed in light of their losses.

Here in Arizona, state GOP leadership figures also determined it is time to jump ship with Executive Director Glenn Hamer leaving and Chairman Matt Salmon deciding not to run for re-election as Chairman.

What about the county? Pima County GOP, led by Judy White, shows no evidence of resignations. In fact, the slate for the upcoming county GOP convention is a minor reshuffling of existing players, the only exception being Randy Graf running unopposed for 4th Vice Chairman. With the poor results for Republicans in Southern Arizona, it is curious that there is not more accountability being taken for the major lack of success.

Granted, Judy White did not interfere with the Primary in support of Huffman in the same manner as Matt Salmon. However, when big money interests demanded party officials push Huffman off on the electorate, Ms. White looked the other way. White talked tough before the primary about not accepting mud slinging campaigning from candidates, but when it happened she did nothing to curb it and actually reprimanded the other candidates for not getting along.

The current leadership is thought to have overused county party resources with poor results for what many consider a non-partisan Tucson City Council election. But when the major campaigns began, the county couldn't come up with any help for candidates running for either congressional seat. White turned over the party headquarters to the Kyl campaign during the election, but did nothing for Drake or Graf, leaving Drake to scrounge for crumbs after Kyl sucked every other resource dry.

In spite of a few name changes, the national players still look the same. The state party is still in question, but one potential change is non-establishment Randy Pullen running for Chairman. The Pima County GOP leadership mix looks a lot like the national party GOP leadership changeover with no signs of responsibility taken or changes made.


Anonymous said...

A food fight has broken out within the Republican Party over District 11. See Sonoran Alliance for more details.

sirocco said...

Espresso pundit has even more coverage and commentary.

sirocco said...

So I've been thinking about this for the last couple days, and have realized it may be my civic duty to step up and volunteer to run the GOP ... you know ... if no one else wants to do it.

Anonymous said...

Why not jump in; everyone else seems to be running.