Sunday, June 28, 2009


Arizona Eighth has combined forces with Gila Courier to provide broader coverage of Arizona political news.

The online news market has become very competitive and it was increasingly difficult to exist as a stand-alone southern Arizona blog. Our agreement with Gila Courier insures that we will still have editorial authority for our region.


x4mr said...

Can you provide a little more information on what this means?

1. Should people stop visiting this url and go to Gila's instead?

2. This site is showing different content at different times (old stories still show while newer ones appear to have vanished, etc.).

No complaints, just wanting a better sense of it, and if I do, others probably do as well.

Ryan said...

All of the stories from Arizona Eighth have been imported into Gila Courier.

Historical work from Arizona Eighth will slowly disapear as we verify that it made it over to Gila Courier correctly.

You can go to Gila Courier directly or use

We merged with Gila because they will let us still write what we want about Southern Arizona so keep reading.

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Kevin said...

I need help. The Los Angeles elites are beating up Arizonan small businesses, because we want SB1070. Please help by spreading the word about joining my facebook group, whose aim to grow a grassroots reverse boycott. : Please allow this post to stay here. Thanks – Kevin Falvey (PC/SC – Dist. 11)

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