Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crackdowns Extend Beyond Arizona

Those who say nobody cares about the illegal immigration issue anymore are like the kid in the ice cream shop who looks at his empty bowl and says "it's all gone." Last year, 1562 bills were introduced in state legislatures across the country to address this issue. 240 became law said to be three times the number in 2006.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Rhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri aren't messing around with the few whining employers like those in Arizona. They simply issued Executive Orders the past few months to deal with the issue. Both slammed congress and the federal government for not taking care of the problem.

The Rhode Island Executive Order requires state agencies and "all companies, contractors and vendors doing business in the State of Rhode Island to use the federal E-Verify program" to ensure that their employees are legally eligible to work in the state. Carcieri made it clear that "Rhode Island is setting an example for others to follow. This will encourage the private sector to comply."

Hopefully we will see leadership like that in the next governor's term.

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