Thursday, November 09, 2006

First Change

Since we are no longer only covering the District 8 race exclusively, I am going to add a few more links to other blogs. There are a few that certainly deserved linking but didn't make it due to not spending a sufficient amount of time on this particular race, or from general laziness on my part. So, here we go . . .

Espresso Pundit
Hot AZ it Gets
The Arizona Conservative

Come on down!!!!

You are the next link contestant on Arizona Eighth.

Please try to contain your excitement.

Oh, and Arizona Conservative, you are on double secret probation until you make your site more Firefox friendly.


Framer said...


The most obvious answer is Joe Leiberman. My challenge is for you to show me a Democrat that ran on a liberal platform that won in a moderate or conservative environment. Did you see Gabby run any commercials espousing her view of a single-payer health care system? How about global warming? Her "solar powered" commercials focused on the "thieving oil industry."

Did you see any commercials backing the ACLU, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, paying your "fair share" of taxes, defending the ability of a young woman to have an abortion without parental consent? I must have missed those ads.

I believe that Democrats were elected to be given a chance with the War in Iraq. How they handle this will determine if they stay or go. Should they view this as a chance to start passing sweeping Liberal reforms, you will see George Bush's popularity move considerably upward, and an entirely different election result in two years.

The best summation I saw was in the comment section of annother blog:

"The Republicans lost and the Democrats won for the same reason -- they distanced themselves from their base. "

And thanks for sticking aroung Sirocco. I will hopefully have some pretty exciting news to announce soon concerning the blog. We are also going to get into Republican and Democratic Presidential contenders and I would love to have some center-left input on that.

Legislation Forum said...

Nancy Barto a Phoenix Republican is the bill's sponsor. If it becomes law it will make several normal medical procedures used today by embryologists illegal. It seems that Barto is trying to hide an Anti-Stem Cell Research bill in what is being labled an anti-human cloning and creation of human-animal hybrids bill.

Plus now I can't make my clone with wings, eagle eyes and cheeta speed, darn it!

Do you think our representatives should be passing bills like this or maybe focusing on something like balancing our budget?

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