Thursday, January 11, 2007

James, Pullen Tout Their Supporters

As one would expect, both Arizona state GOP chairman candidates, Lisa James and Randy Pullen, have posted on their webistes a list of supporters. Both show an impressive mix that includes state delegates and non-state delegates. Of course, those that can vote are, ultimately, the only ones that matter. Notable is the mix of supporters from a variety of philosophical camps showing up in both lists suggesting the race may be transcending philosophy in favor of more pragmatic concerns.

Lisa's list is more difficult to read since supporters, delegates and non-delegates, are jumbled together. Randy's list distinguishes the two. Someone fascinated with personality typing characteristic of the handwriting analysis genre, might suggest this reveals something about their personalities—Lisa's more open, freer style consistent with a career in advertising versus Randy, the more structured, calculating business type. But don't look for anything serious about that on this site.

For interest sake, at the time of this posting Lisa James website shows a total of 158 supporters. Randy Pullen's site lists 63 non-delegates and 272 delegates. It would be silly to draw too many conclusions from this, but the lists are impressive, nonetheless.

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