Monday, December 31, 2007

Pima County GOP Fills Open Position

David Jorgenson, who finished strong in last year's LD26 primary race for state House, was widely expected to be the replacement county party member-at-large when Dorothy Shanahan moved out of state. Others speculated that one of the several long-time party activists who applied would fill the slot.

As it turns out, all the speculators were wrong. In a surprise move, Judi White selected relative newcomer, Tom Dunn, known for his blogging on ThinkRight Arizona. Tom brings the number of LD26 representatives on the executive committee to three in addition to LD26 chairman, David Smith.


Anonymous said...

Oh, perfect. Tom will fit right in with everyone down there.

Anonymous said...

anon hit the nail on the head. The transformation is nearly complete, soon all remnants of conservatism will be swept away and the squishy moderates will be in complete control of Pima GOP HQ.

Last real Republican turn out the light when you leave.

Anonymous said...

Someone actually thought that Judi would nominate David Jorgenson for anything? Really? Was there an assumption that a space alien had occupied Judi's body? You have got to be kidding. And that's no dig on David.

Pima GOP isn't even promoting any local GOP candidates. It's comical.

Anonymous said...

"Local"???? Tom IS local!!! Also, he's not joined at the hip with the groupie zealots! Level thinking, not divisive, not driven by one focus, fresh approach. Thinking choice by the Chairman.

Anonymous said...

Geez...not a dig on Judi, not a dig on Tom, not a dig on David! Just found it odd the statement that David was "widely" considered to be under consideration by Judi. I would not think that he would have been her leading candidate.

I agree with commenter that Tom will get along fine with the folks at Pima GOP.

Touchdown said...

The mission at hand is to win in 2008.

One of the reasons I put my name in was that Marana is a growing area that needs to be cultivated. My community activities in Marana are extensive & my service to the Pima GOP & their candidates has been as well since my relocation to AZ in July 2005. [From WA State...I've seen a red state turn blue very quickly & will do what I can to keep AZ red.]

In regards to my philosphy, I consider myself on the conservative-to-moderate range; however, if a Republican doesn't agree with me 100% on every issue, he can still be a Republican. I'm not quick to call one a RINO, the GOP should follow Ronald Reagan's lead and have a large tent.

Anyway, the goal is to take back what is ours & that means CD 8 & LD 26.

Happy New Year. Time to get to work.

Anonymous said...

After spending his blog blasting the state party leadership, he sure is trying to seem like a unifier, now. Who is this guy? Is he involved in his district? This is odd considering there were other people who have been contributing for a while who could have been considered. But then, Judi doesn't operate like most people.

Anonymous said...

I think Meg Econ might of had a little to do with influencing Judi. All roads lead to Econ and Lisa James and Nathan Sproul.

Anonymous said...

How many local GOP candidates for office are there right now? A dozen? Twenty? How many can you find on the Pima GOP web page. We're nine months out from a primary. How are folks supposed to know that Gene Chewning is taking on Raul Grijalva? Start promoting some local candidates. What are they waiting for? While we're at it how about the blogs and local Republican clubs start posting candidate links if the party won't.

A "big tent" in words is one thing. A "big tent" in deeds is quite another. That's a challenge to all readers no matter area of the spectrum you think you are. Is everyone prepared to win as a team? There has been a lot of effort to build consensus since 2006. Are we going to play like the Patriots or the's pretty much our choice.

x4mr said...

The Cards.

Tim actually represents the sanity in your party. The immigration xenophobes just tossed more Latino votes than you can count to the Democrats. For what?

I found Huckabee's acknowledgment of Eggplant Bush's arrogance delightfully refreshing. Of course, Romney attacked the remark.

Challenging Grijalva in CD7 is like challenging Paton in LD30. It's far cheaper and easier to lose the lottery.

The spat here is the local version of the national GOP rift getting worse not better. Your days of pretending to observe Christian values while you crucify the poor are numbered. Do you serve Christ or corporations? They serve different masters.

Is Bruce Ash really out? He seemed like a sharp guy.

Touchdown said...

It’s “Tom”, my twin bro “Sharkbait” is “Tim”.

With regards to my Pima County activities, after moving here in 2005, I was active in the 2005 Tucson City Elections, in 2006, active with the Jon Kyl effort, then was asked to be Chairman of the 72 Hour Task Force - county wide, which was supportive of all candidates that won their primaries. [I voted for Graf in his primary in CD 8.] This was an incredible amount of work. Since then I’ve been County Outreach Chair to the business community & other areas. Marana Chamber, Commissioner Business & Economic Development for the Town of Marana, Marana Chamber Leg Cmtee, plus much, much more.

I did support Lisa James for State Chair, she would have been outstanding. Meg Econ has done nothing but good things for Pima County. Judi White has a very challenging & very liberal Tucson/Pima County area to chair. Meg was surprised when I was chosen. What does Lisa James or Nathan Sproul care about who is a member-at-large in Pima County? Heather Hagge was the only Executive Cmtee member from Marana & she left earlier this year, since then there has been a vacuum that needed to be filled. Simple enough.

Early in the year, I was critical of the AZ GOP at times. My opinion is the party should focus on registering voters and raising money, not creating policy. I have been very supportive of our good Senator Jon Kyl and if supporting him is wrong…then I don’t want to be right. [song reference]

With regards to posting candidates’ links to the county website, I don’t think many candidates have them up and rolling, who knows if the candidates have asked to link up? In a contested primary, I do feel the websites should be linked, but have a specific date when they will be allowed on-line…I’m not sure if “Clean Election” law effects it.

If anyone wants to know “who is this guy?” Call me 520-219-4110. Direct office line. I’ll be more than happy to visit. [Actually, there is something very satirical with an anonymous poster asking “who is this guy?” Anon, I appreciate your humor. You’re OK in my book, whoever you are.]

Touchdown said...

I meant "ironic" not "satirical".

Tony GOPrano said...

Tom Dunn is an EXCELLENT choice for this position. He will do a fabulous job for Pima County. Congratulations to Tom Dunn!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Another McCain fan speaks!

Anonymous said...

I know Antenori and Sposito have had websites up for the LD30 Race for months (Aug/Sep) yet there is no link on the Pima GOP site for either of them. Gowan has recently gotten his site up and running but it's been up for at least a month or two.

I'm sure all three have asked to have their site listed on the Pima GOP website; if they haven't, they're idiots.

Al Melvin is running clean elections and he is also in a contested primary with Pete Hershburger so the clean election contested primary excuse is BS. Somehow Al got his stuff up there along with Harry Shaw. Kudos to both for getting that done.

In LD29 Pat Kilburn has a website up and running as well (also clean elections).

Many see little being done at Pima GOP with the exception of a few volunteers (the same loyal few) out getting new voter registrations at gun shows, home shows, sporting events, etc.

I tend to see, R. Graf and P. Schnieder working harder than the folks up at 5th and Craycroft. We're still waiting to see what impact P. Maxwell will have with rallying the GOP troops to help with the effort to keep a GOP majority in the Stae House and Senate. LD26 and 30 are battlegrounds like no other in 2008 with the Dems targeting a pickup in the LD26 and LD30 House races.

We already tossed a congressional seat, state Senate and State house seat away under the current leadership. What's going to happen when we lose two or three more seats?

You rarely hear or see comment from Judi White in the local media(except when she's bashing Ron Paul supporters) while her Democrat counter part is very pro active.

As far as seeing her in person, the only time you see her is when a National VIP (Kyl, Spence, Franks, etc) shows up or if there's a microphone she can stand in front of. If there's an event outside of Tucson (Green Valley, Oro Valley, Marana) you can just about forget it. It seems they don't like to travel south of Valencia or North of Orange Grove for some reason.

Tom, I wish you luck, you're going to need it with all of the personalities involved in southern AZ GOP politics. Maybe you can bring some sanity, leadership, focus and true objectivity to what is clearly a ship adrift.

Anonymous said...

please I would love to defend him tell me ANYTHING Graf is doing for Pima County politics

AZAce said...

Bruce Ash is NOT out. He is running and will win easily as National Committeeman if anyone bothers to challenge him.

There were two slots to fill including Heather Hagge and Dorothy Shanahan. I would expect one more appointment unless I missed one.

Anonymous said...

Well, I see Tom is already making excuses for the Pima GOP not listing candidates and their websites so he's sure to fit right in at Fifth and Craycroft. That's our new motto: GOP keep it a secret, pass it on.

Anonymous said...

And another great night for the Stoops Brothers(TM) in Tempe. All we needed was a tantrum from Bobby. Go Pima GOP!!

Anonymous said...

Now you see why I don't let 'Anonymous' idiots post on my Blog. Use your name A. Or does the A stand for something else? And they are called the 'Stoopid Brothers'....Soon to be President McCain, remember that Mr. A!

Anonymous said...

I demand you apologize to idiots everywhere for comparing them to me.

Touchdown said...

AZ Ace, Brian Abad took Heather's spot a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Dunn is a moron who says the GOP will lose because of the immigration issue. I guess we have to include Tim Bee in that mix since he is part of the GOP.

Touchdown said...

Not because of the issue, but because of the rhetoric of the issue.
Thanks for your kind words, though.

Liza said...

Congratulations. I think that this choice shows, in part, the growing influence of the blogosphere in local politics.

Anyhow, you're a "progressive" Republican, right?

Touchdown said...

My friends from Seattle consider me a Neo-Con, so it is refreshing to be called a RINO from time to time.

you're right, Trent is running for the AZ House & his humble beginnings are from blogging.

Don't worry, I promise to never run for the House.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom:

Just some advice that I mean sincerely. You clearly have great qualifications, have great experience, and you will do a great job at anything you set your mind to. Taking criticism is hard...especially when it is uninformed.

My advice though is to not defend yourself on blogs. You have the position and they don't. Don't lower yourself. Impress them with what you do and don't fall prey to responding to unfounded attacks.

Your party is divided bitterly and you won't ever please everyone.

BTW, I think David Smith is a fantastic person...we don't agree on politics but he does the right thing.

Best to you and congratulations.

Touchdown said...

I agree with you and because I've been involved with the blogosphere, I don't mind defending myself from time-to-time.

You are right, there are divisions, but I don't want Harry & Gabby representing us anymore. We must come together.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you won't come together...despite how wise and talented you seem to be, Tom.

The GOP used to stand for hope, optimism, and about encouraging people to make themselves better, not government. However, the party also used to believe that government could be there to be sure that there was opportunity as well.

Today the GOP unfortunately stands for asserting its morals and trying to use government to foist them upon people. It talks out of one side of its face by saying government is bad, while the other side of the face uses government to make sure that the very rich profit. The rhetoric is angry, divisive, hateful, and I just don't see that compassion and hope and optimism that Reagan made us feel.

I no longer feel that saving $100 in taxes per year is worth cutting our schools to the bone. I no longer think that paying property taxes is worth driving on poor roads. I no longer believe that we should spend billions of dollars in handouts to defense contractors...instead of spending a paltry fraction of that on education, welfare, and helping people become better.

If you want to see waste in government, look at what the GOP spends our tax dollars on...fences to divide us further from Mexico (and NO it won't save us money), Raytheon's flawed and faulty Patriot missles that my brother blew up by the thousands because they would not fire...etc.

You have a lot of work to do Tom.

Anonymous said...

Gee "Roger" thanks for the pep talk. I don't know whether to kill myself or kill myself. On the other hand, I'll just vote against Democrats. PS, you're sweetheart Gabby put a big fat earmark in for Raytheon...pork pork pork pork pork pork. So by your own standards she stands for waste in government. Have fun compromising your standards by voting for her again you hypocrite.