Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bisbee School Board Says "YES" to Irresponsibility

If on Prom night, your high school officials handed your teenager a nice, clean syringe and a package of sterile needles along with a picture frame, a few candles, and a mint, what would you think? Their logic goes something like this: Many of the kids are going to do drugs that night, so we should make it as safe as possible.

Bisbee's school board seems to think the same way. In among the niceties the school will hand out in their Prom bag will be two condoms. Since sex is a lot more PC than drugs, they expect little opposition. In a 4-1 vote, the board decided that the kids are all immoral sex fiends and can't be expected to exercise self control. So, the best thing to do is make it as safe as possible. 

Sadly, board members not only lowered the bar of expectations, but condoned and even encouraged irresponsible actions most parents would advise against. In fact, I know a lot of parents who will decide the prom is not such a good thing for their kids after hearing about this. I wonder who among the board will take responsibility when a condom fails and a teenage girl finds herself pregnant. Even aside from the federal laws preventing this from occurring without parental permission, this has lawsuit written all over it.

One board member seemed to have enough common sense to vote "nay." Let's see how many parents join that board member by stepping up and taking a stand for the safety of their kids.


Sirocco said...

Handing out condoms != Thinking "the kids are all immoral sex fiends".

The vast majority of those condoms won't be used ... but for those that are, I'll be happier the kids have them than don't.

AZAce said...

Same goes for syringes?

Anonymous said...

Condoms and syringes are but a mere system of a bigger problem.

Surrendering parental responsibility to the state is the issue. Over the past three decades the Nanny State has taken hold in our schools as the secular left destroys one pillar after another of moral society and replaces it with materialistic, narcissistic humanist ideology.

The cradle to grave leftist mentality is alive and well in public education.

Don’t worry about Mommy or Daddy, surrender your will, your values and your religious beliefs to us and we’ll relieve you of responsibility and take care of you.

We need to kill the Nanny state before it’s too late. We need to empower middle class and low income parents with the ability to yank their kids out of these leftist cesspools and allow them to place their kids in a school that doesn’t try to indoctrinate them into the nanny state.

The left seems to forget or abandon the notion of “Freedom of Choice” once the little guys are born; I guess if you make it out of the womb, they still get you one way or the other.

Sirocco said...

Well, Ace, except they aren't going to hand out syringes, but rather condoms. Despite your attempt to conflate the two, they aren't the same thing.

No one is asking anyone to surrender their will or their morals. Those who feel strongly about it won't use them. Parents who feel particularly strongly about it can be there to confiscate them.

I could make a pretty damn good argument that by attempting to control every decision for them rather than providing coverage for decisions some number of them are inevitably going to make, your reaction, Duke, is far more "nanny-ish" than the school board's plan.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that you consider taking the decision out of the hands of parents and putting it in the hands of the state "less nanny-ish."

Statistics don't back up your claim either. The dependency index in the United States in 1962 was 19. In 2006, the last year it was tabulated, the index stood at 249. Every year, more and more people rely on the nanny state for survival.

Entitlement spending has skyrocketed since 1986, placing our country in financial peril.

You guys continue to claim the war is bankrupting the country? What a load of BS, the spending on the war is a drop in the bucket compared to the freebees Uncle Sam give out here in the US.

Based on last year’s spending (the 2007 Budget):
586.1 billion (+7.0%) - Social Security
$394.5 billion (+12.4%) - Medicare
$294.0 billion (+2.0%) - Welfare
$276.4 billion (+2.9%) - Medicaid and other health related
$89.9 billion (+1.3%) - Education
$26.8 billion (+28.7%) - Community and regional development

That adds up to $1.6 Trillion.

Spening on the war was only $115 Billion (Includes Iraq and Afghanistan).

The nanny state is killing us financially, not the war. Ask any financial expert. Your hero Gabby even admitted to this when she brought in Mr. David Walker (former Comtroller Genral of the US) who said exactly that. It’s entitlements stupid!

I believe his exact quote was: “‘…we suffer from a fiscal cancer. It is growing within us. And if we do not treat it, it could have catastrophic consequences for our country. The cancer, Walker says, are massive entitlement programs…”

And your girl Gabby stood there nodding her head in agreement.

What’s Nanny Gabby going to do?

We all know the answer, she’ll do what she has always done, sit on the fence and do politial doubletalk and spin. She’s a do nothing congresswoman in a do nothing Congress.

Ask her where her she keeps her violin. I see smoke.

P.S. Give CJ my best.

AZAce said...


I'm still missing your explanation as to how handing out syringes for drug users is any different. It seems that you disagree with handing out syringes, but can't seem to distinguish how it's different. If it's good for one, why not good for the other? The only difference here is that it's not PC to say "no" to sex, but it is PC to say "no" to drugs. Can you argue otherwise?

Sirocco said...

One (of many difference) ... sex is a natural act, shooting up with, say, heroin, is not.

Anonymous said...

I am a student at Bisbee High School and I honestly think this has been blown way out of proportion. Having a pretty neutral stance on premarital sex, I was not shocked or offended by the condoms at all. Most kids just chose to ignore them and those who planned on using them were grateful. The hype about the condoms at school was not nearly as big as it is here on the web. Most kids that didn't attend prom didn't even hear about the condoms. Most kids just laughed it off. And by the way...comparing heroin and sex is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous said it all! Thank you, anonymous.

It's always interesting to me when the students become our teachers. I just hope we can be quiet and listen.

Oh, by the way, anonymous, I agree; comparing shooting up and sex is ridiculous. (*;^}

AZAce said...

Pointing out that something is different doesn't provide an explanation as to how that difference affect the logic of the argument.

Anonymous, It's easy to call something ridiculous, but much more difficult to provide a rational argument to support it.

If all you can do is say they are different, you are admitting that you are unable to refute the logic of the argument.

Anonymous said...

This is the same anonymous Bisbee High School student that posted a while ago. I just wanted to say that it's time for all of you adults to open your eyes and realize that teenagers ARE having sex. We have sex shoved down our throat on TV, in movies, in music, everywhere. Even though there are some of us who aren't having sex, we're aware that a lot of kids out there are. If one of my peers HASN'T noticed...it's about time they do. I hear far more offensive things about sex in rap music and in the hallways of my highschool than recieving condoms in my prom gift bag. If anything, it was refreshing to see that someone finally realizes what is going on in our world.

Anonymous said...

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