Sunday, July 02, 2006

Frank, on Air America.

Keep a sharp eye out for an appearance by Frank Antenori on Air America on July 3rd:

Frank Antenori will appear on Air America Radio…on The Thom Hartmann Program at 10:00AM MST. Frank will be promoting his book “"Roughneck Nine-One”," talking about the War in Iraq, and discussing current events with the host. Tune in or listen on the web. Frank will be on for 15 minutes or possibly longer.

Air America can be heard on KPHX-AM 1480 AM in Phoenix or you can Listen Online

You have to hand it to Frank for going into an even more hostile environment than the Wilcox forum. It is good for Frank be heard by more people. Unfortunately, it is my understanding that The Wilcox forum had higher national ratings than Air America.

In all seriousness, this shows that Frank his working hard to get his name out and is not afraid to play "on the road." Hopefully it will get more people to read his book as well.


outlander said...

Frank Antenori is treated better by the so called opposition than the Republicans. His liberal literary agent is getting him movie options from liberal Hollywood producers, who like his life story and narrative as much as the Democrats of Cochise County.

The mainstream Republicans and party regulars treat Frank with less respect then those mentioned above.

Frank has good ideas, and is probably the least ethically challenged of all the the Republican candidates for CD 8.

And he is honest in telling you what he thinks.

phx kid said...

Who specifically is not being nice to Frank?

Politics is a tough business and sometimes things are not fair. Some old-time party activists lined up behind Mike Hellon and are not too happy about other candidates. Frank should not take this personally if they act the same to the other candidates besides the one they are supporting.

Jane Arizona said...

Doing AzCongressWatch has taught me a lot about politics. One of the things that I've learned is that there are three kinds of candidates: 1) The kind that can raise a heap of money and will let it do the talking; 2) The kind that wants to go to Washington, but won't do anything other than put up a website and hope that people see it; and 3) The kind that work their tails off, knocking on doors and talking to people and doing whatever they can to have a campaign on a shoestring.

I have a great deal of respect for those who fit into the third category, because that's what America was supposed to be about. And Frank is one of those people.

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