Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updated Funndraising Information

Obama hits 25 Million.

Not a huge Obama fan, but love to see him grind it out with Hillary. A challenged Hillary is an ugly Hillary. It will be especially beautiful to see it go on for almost a year before the Republicans presumably get a go at her. It would also be interesting to count the puff pieces each will get in the coming year and keep score.

Additionally, it appears that Mitt Romney has about 11.4 Million cash on hand giving him a burn rate of about 50% for the first quarter.

I fully expected it to be worse than that. 50% for a candidate with little name recognition isn't that bad. It will be interesting to see if it was spent effectively over the next few weeks.


sirocco said...

That burn rate seemed high to me initially, but on reflection I think you are right -- it's important for Romney to spend whatever he needs to improve his name recognition up front. It will presumeably pay dividends later if his greater recognition equates to easier fund-raising.

Kralmajales said...

He also has to "get" to conservatives who don't know him and who will vote in the primaries.

I would like to see the "burn" rate of McCain though before I worry too much about Romney on this one.

On Obama, yeah, this really does make him more than legitimate. I wondered why Hillary had so quickly released those stunning figures. It was because she needed to get the big headlines and the stunning record headlines ahead of was desperate sounding when it came out to me...kind of a look what I got.

Obama is really really in this. There is a great story in Tuesday's New York Times on his fundraising strategy and where the dough is coming from. He is getting it from a base of Chicago supporters as one person said...BUT...

He also doubled the small donations of Sen. Clinton and has worked on small donors knowing that they will be more likely to kick in over and over again...up to the $2300 limit.

Clinton may be more "tapped out" and the surprise success of Obama will likely draw more donors and more small donors too.

Kralmajales said...

Oh...and I think the Republican primary is going to drag out and be ugly too, Framer. I think you are right about Obama, Clinton, and Edwards going at it, but there is clearly no favorite on your side and there are still rumblings about "newbies" coming in.

It will be hard to find out in this one just who the most divided party is.

sirocco said...

Some furhter details on the Dem numbers:

Obama: $23.5 million raised available for primary, 100k donors.

Clinton: @20 million raised available for primary, 50K donors.

Edwards: $13 million raised available for primary, 40K donors.

The second quarter numbers will be extremely revealing. Clinton obviously had a lot more "capped" donors than Obama did.

Anonymous said...


The more capped donors of Clinton was what I was expecting. She has connections and with very wealthy insiders. I guessed that they would donate the max, but that she would be then left appealing to "new" donors outside the Clinton network.

I WASNT expecting the shear amount raised by Obama and in uncapped numbers.

I agree with you that 2nd quarter figures will be VERY revealing.