Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frank Has Skin In The Game

Our sources tell us Frank Antenori filed his papers today and is now an official candidate for the state House of Representatives in District 30. Expect him to make a formal announcement in the next couple of weeks.

Congratulations and good luck, Frank!


Anonymous said...

Will he run on the Clean Elections money, or will he opt for the penny loafered lobbyist jolt?

Frank was genuinely screwed by the national party fixers in the congressional race.

It will be interesting to see if he makes nice to the money folks, or depends on the little folks.

Tucson GOP Gal said...

Frank is a pretty solid and principled conservative. I heard him in a debate last year for the CD8 GOP race that was held at the Tucson Association of Realtors building. Besides being sharper than the rest of the candidates on practically every issue, the one thing he despised was the increasing dependency of people on government handouts.

I seriously doubt he’ll run on the welfare handouts of clean elections.

I don’t think you have to worry about Frank with lobbyists either, he was the only Republican to take the oil free and no special interests pledge.

There are many people waiting for Frank to make it official so they can donate to his campaign, I seriously doubt he’ll need to rely on PAC money.

Does he have a website?

AZAce said...

Frank is about as principled as it gets. He won't run Clean Elections because he doesn't believe in it.
Here is his website from the last election. It's still active, but not yet updated:

Anonymous said...

Calling $5 contributions 'welfare' is like calling our highways 'socialist'.

The real political welfare for the political class comes from big checks that have long coat tails. Call it corporate welfare, because thats what it benefits.

This too will define Frank as either lobbyist friendly, or more responsive to the regular folks of the Republican party.

Frank was a socialized soldier in the global war on terror. Hell, when someone got wounded, Frank delivered socialized medicine, and never charged the patient.

Now in the private sector, we can expect him to roll back the tide and create an oil free campaign based on... the love of lobbyists or the love of the small donor.

Anonymous said...

Look at some of the government hand outs that Frank has delivered:

medical care

He went to socialized schools and lived on government hand outs while soldiering, not as a mercenary but as a government man. He did not attend the private sector to be educated, nor does he drive on privatized roads to his job at the governmnent funded, privately owned missile factory.

Frank is no purist. And he is not as goofy as the ideologues that support him. Frank has lived. And he lives with contradictions, as do we all.

lynois said...

Surprise! Surprise!
Frank, the "Wise Oracle of All Answers", has filed!!

Books have been written, words spoken, "been everywhere", "done everything" name it!!

Now, Frank, the whole coin will be exposed and we will see if you come up heads or tails?

Anonymous said...

Frank is still really rough on the edges, and his campaign last year was an improvised work in progress.

He would be a better candidate if he had to work on $5 bills rather than supping with the Men in Black.

But with enough money, you can buy a new image, and shine up those rough edges. It happens all the time.

Will Frank stay rough hewed, or get the slick package?

Liza said...

Dang, this thread reads like poetry.

romel said...

Glory be!!!!

LD30 is certainly on overload!! Just more divisiveness digging the hole deeper and deeper!!

This District has been on a downward whirl for sometime....will they ever come together?

How many Rep.Runners are there now. Hmmm, Collins, Spisito, Peate, Antenori, Gowan!

duke the dog said...

$5 dollar bills? Coins? Heads or Tails? Socialized highways? Government handouts of bullets and missiles? Men in Black? Poetry?

What the hell are you people talking about?

The guy files papers to run for public office and before he even announces he's running for office assumptions and attacks on his character are already flying?

If I didn't know better, some of Frank's opponents might be getting a bit nervous.

Frank a "know it all?" Like we don't have a bunch of idiots running this country and state that think they "know it all" already.

You've got a tire repair shop owner thinking she knows everything about the war in Iraq, a pecan growing lawyer that thinks she knows more about border security than the chief of the border patrol, a former professional golfer that knows more about stem cell research than Dr. Carmona and you think Frank knows it all?

I'll tell you what. I'll take a rough around the edges, combat tested Green Beret with a pre-med degree that may think he knows it all, over a school teacher that hasn't taught school in years, a building contractor that intends to ride the coat tails of a state legislator into office, and a karate school owner that sells magazine subscription any day.

Beam me up Scotty!! There's no intelligent life down here!

P.S. Sorry for leaving you out Mr. Peate but I don’t have a clue what you do for a living; you might very well be the other guy I vote for as long as you’re not into doing crazy things in airport bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

Duke the Dog has yet to learn subtlety and nuance. He is a Republican.

So when the rapture comes, Scotty will beam him up.

Oh... the rapture already happened. A dozen virgins from Africa, all under the age of eight.

Frank will be judged by the people who give him money, and he will adjust his rhetoric to tack in favor of his donors.

Whether he tacks towards the small donors or plays with the smiling clowns of corporate corruption depends on where he gets his money.

Frank is not a multimillionaire tire baron, so we can rest assured that his campaign will depend on either special interests or individual Republican donors.

Frank is no sure bet in this election cycle, because he is a doctrinaire Republican in a district that is shifting towards more pragmatic legislators.

People who want to dismantle government cannot be trusted to effectively govern.

Those $5 dollar bills will speak volumes about Frank and his campaign.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the District he is running in is safe GOP territory. He will run and win on his name recognition...even though his writings are wingnut city and our state will be much poorer for having an ideologue like him in office.

Say what you want about Paton and his grandstanding, he could be counted on to be reasonable when he was in committee and working on laws.

From what I read from Frank, I am not sure that he has at all what Paton has.

Anonymous said...

The Republican base in District 30 is less than motivated this cycle.

Many District 30 Rs are reregistering as independents.

This district is in flux and is no longer safe for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

The smart money is on Collins and Gowan. Sposito is too liberal and Antenori too unknown. I know that he ran for Congress, but no one actually voted for the guy. Peate isn't in the race yet, is he?

Anonymous said...

How smart is money? As smart as the pioneers who gave us #42. That's what.

Smart money subverts democracy.

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