Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Takes His Leave

After being told "it's now or never," Karl Rove announced he is leaving now rather than staying to the end of President Bush's term in office. Rumor has it he plans to write a book. (Does any former White House staff member NOT write a book?)


Sirocco said...

I am curious as to why this couldn't wait another 15 months. Maybe he's legitimately burned out ... but I suspect there is more to it.

Framer said...

He probably would have been out last year, if Democrats had stopped calling for his head. As I would suspect Gonzalez would be now, if not for the same thing.

Rove is an election guy, his policy skills are pretty mediocre at best.

I would suspect that he left to go back to his true calling. He may not be involved in the 2008 presidential race, but he will be involved somewhere.

Sirocco said...

When he talked about leaving last year, it was during all the Plame discussions, and he was still worried about possibly facing perjury charges.

What's he worried about facing now?

He did say he plans to take 2008 off, but it may be once the turn of the year comes the excitement might bring him back off the sidelines.

Framer said...

I'll have to check my mail to see if he has sent me his resume.

He'll be working somewhere come 2008, maybe not as a chief stratiegist, but likely on a congressional or Statehouse level as at least an advisor.

His legacy depends upon getting is mojo back, and that wasn't going to happen at his current position.