Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust?

According to Associated Press, Fred Thompson is having internal problems which aren't helping his external results. NewsMax paints a somewhat uglier picture of a campaign that looks like it's heading south in every respect but the campaign trail. While McCain's staff shakeup seemed to generate a resurgence of energy, Thompson's turnover seems less strategically driven, which points to internal friction and lack of organization—not a strong place to be heading into the final stretch before the first primaries. He's clearly in trouble and needs to pull things together fairly quickly if he expects to be a contender. In the meantime, conservatives are clearly looking beyond Thompson and wrestling over Huckabee and Romney.

Rev. Don Wilton, who is the immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention in South Carolina has flipped on lhis support for Romney, although he hasn't officially endorsed Huckabee. CBS originally reported John Willke, past president of the National Right To Life Committee, as having withdrawn support from Romney, but that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity between Wilton and Willke. Willke, along with Bob Jones, are still key evangelicals in the Romney camp. Evangelical blogger, Joe Carter, has now abandoned Thompson for Huckabee, a possible preview of more shifting to come. It will be interesting to see where the Thompson supporters end up between Huckabee and Romney.


Sirocco said...

I, for one, would find it quite humorous if Thompson ended up spending more time in his "exploratory" phases than he did as an actual, announced campaigner.

Pinkiris said...

Has anyone noticed that the 'drive-by media' intends to determine who will be the next president? They once elevated Mc Cain to 'prince of the rhelm', but now have chosen Rudy...another flaming liberal. Naturally they constantly repeat whatever they deem as bad news about Thompson (it is one thing to report and another to hynotize with repeated mantras) and ignore any negatives re Rudy.

What do we have when a choice few get to pick the president? Another Bush? In any case, it is NOT democratic.

Sirocco said...

Well, Pink, YOU may not choose a Democrat ... but others certainly have the option. A sufficient number may even choose to exercise it that a Democrats wins in 2006. Who knows.

I agree it takes a real effort to overlook Giuliani's shortcomings when they number so many, and are flaunted so obviously.

Anonymous said...

Thompson is clearly in trouble. All his campaign has done is to split conservatives even more...and diluted Romney's strength nationally. It has also given McCain a shot in the arm in a lot of ways.

What a crazy battle.

Sirocco said...

I realize anyone who reads my post two above will realize it's a typo ... but still, 2008 was what I intended, not 2006.

Pinkiris said...

EXACTLY what did I print that says ONLY a Republican will be president? Are we not talking about a primary here? After all, you must admit the piece being discussed is about a Republican contender.
BTW "Thompson is clearly in trouble.." oddly the polls don't reflect that assessment. JUST THE MEDIA.

Anonymous said...

The polls show Romney whooping him in Iowa...Giuliani in control nationally...and doing well in key states...McCain with endorsements of most legislators in SC.

He is also far far far behind in fundraising and not doing much better.

Just what does Thompson have going for him? He has a LOT of work to do before he has a shot at winning this thing.