Monday, November 19, 2007


American Border Patrol has announced it will be featuring live cameras along the border at their ranch on the border south of Palominas. People will be able to view live action of illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. At the same time, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas announced they have the money (3 Million) to provide the same 'service' in the state of Texas. They had tried this before for a month and had over 225,000 'lookers'. Not to be outdone, here in Cochise County a new organization, , will eventually be covering 1600 square miles of the area, giving members the opportunity to be armchair patriots anywhere in the U.S. Makes you wonder how these private patriots garnered the 'millions' for such projects? As any entrepreneur knows, only government needs 3000% more funds than any private-for-profit enterprise.

The American people: still creative, still stubborn and still determined to keep the homeland free from invasion, with or without the help of the Federal government.


AZAce said...

Wow! Talk about reality TV! Is this a subscription service? Can I get it in HD? Will DISH carry it? This could be really big. .)

AZAce said...

This is somewhat like the recent search for Steve Fossett where you could go on and search on a section of map for signs of a plane crash. It was a rather fascinating process. Maybe this will migrate there as well.

AZAce said...
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Sirocco said...

Yeah ... I live in constant fear of a horde of poor Hispanics looking for work invading our country from the south, overrunning our defenses, seizing our women and shooting our dogs, burning our cities and then returning back to their homeland with loot-burdened wagons.

Makes it hard for me to sleep at night.