Sunday, January 27, 2008

AZ Star moves Portillo to Jazz Blog

Back on January 17th Greg at Espresso Pundit reported that Ernesto Portillo Jr. had lost his column in the Arizona Daily Star. In Sunday’s Star Debbie Kornmiller confirms Greg’s report and elaborates:

Rather than write three opinion columns a week, Portillo will write a news column on Sundays with a focus on Tucson's culture and people. He also will start an Internet blog on Latin jazz. The blog will allow Portillo, who hosts a weekly radio show on KXCI-FM, to share his expertise and passion on the topic with readers. In addition to that, Portillo will write news stories about Tucson's ethnic communities. And he will continue his public duties as a speaker and master of ceremonies at public events.

No mention yet if Portillo will continue to appear on the Friday edition of Arizona Illustrated.

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Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude filter engaged, he wrote without ever citing specifics. It was always "everyone knows that Republicans hate Mexicans" or along those lines. Always generalities, always things that real journalists are at least trained in school to avoid. Even for a columnist, his stuff just seemed to be out of bounds when it came to politics.

He wrote some decent stuff, in particular recently about the Pesquiera family selling Grande Tortilla Factory for example. When it came to historical, biographical, or some community stuff, he could turn in a decent column. But when it got political, it just seemed to be partisan hack work.

Good luck Ernesto...hope we can find some common ground someday.