Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Breaking News (well, OK, rumors)

Just got a couple of tips that may be of interest:

1. Mike Hellon's internal polling seems to indicate that he has overtaken Steve Huffman among likely primary voters. Although he is still trailing Randy Graf, he believes that he is making up ground from previous polls that he has run.

Great, my take on Mike Hellon's campaign survived just over thirty minutes.

It would seem his advertising is paying off. Huffman had better get things in gear, or he may end up with a lot of money and nowhere to spend it.

2. Randy Graf has decided on a new campaign manager. Supposedly, this individual is from outside the campaign, comes highly recommended, has previous campaign experience, and has ties to Washington. Look for the official announcement in the next couple of days.

If the candidate is all that I have been led to believe, it should be a big boost to the Graf campaign.

Keep in mind that although I trust my sources, neither of these tips are official at this point. I hope to get more confirmation soon.


sirocco said...

Well, internal polling can be somewhat tailored to a candidates needs, depending on what they are looking for and how they phrase the question.

I find it hard to believe, in a straight poll, Hellon has passed Huffman and is gaining on Graf. Not impossible though.

Framer said...

With the advertising that Hellon has been doing, with the strength of his grassroots in comparison with Huffman, and with Huffman's relative inactivity to this point, I don't find this to be too outlandish at all.

The question is that when Huffman starts advertising in earnest will he

1. Win grassroots?
2. Win over those voters that Hellon has been gaining with his early advertising?

The most telling thing is that for Huffman to comfortably win the primary, he needed to marginalize Hellon among moderate voters. Hellon remaining in the race AND picking up steam has to be a worry for him.

Kralmajales said...

I am sure that Huffman is waiting until late to spend tons of money on ads and that he will try to reinvent himself. If he waits long enough, the other campaigns will not have time to respond to him. I also look for him to attack Graf over and over, but this will be more difficult with Hellon there to look above it all and to out conservative Huffman.

The reinventing part is important here. Few but insiders know much at all about Huffman's record and it could be distorted by them...or even him.

Same thing is true with the Dems and Giffords, which is why so many of us are correccting the spin of the other campaigns with, as Paul Harvey says...the rest of the story.

phx kid said...

“and out conservative Huffman” that would take about 3 seconds.

I am not surprised Hellon is ahead. Steve has 2 important supporters. Click and Diamond. Mike got all the party people who know how to walk a precinct. I don’t think Jim (Click or Kolbe) or Don will be doing much of that this summer.

Huffman may have forgot how to campaign since he has not faced serious competition in a while. He also has a few other issues. One is lack of charisma; the term “boy scout” is too strong for Steve. Maybe more like 3rd assistant sommelier. Hellon can be quite strong, get him talking about the border and watch the poll numbers go up.

Mike also has someone on his campaign who has spent the past 4 years working with and campaigning with Steve. Her name is Toni Hellon and I bet she knows a thing or two about Steve, strengths and weaknesses.

Not surprised at all.

Kralmajales said...

Not that I think it applies to Huffman necessarily, but I almost busted a gut with your very literary phrase:

"3rd assistant sommelier".



Jeans said...

Mike Hellon aggregated news articles, photo galleries, and videos from The Daily Beast Jeans.