Saturday, July 01, 2006

Graf's New Campaign Manager

Randy Graf has selected R.T. Gregg as his new campaign manager. As was promised in the Rumor section, RT is indeed a strong choice and should be able to Move Graf's campaign forward.

It appears that the two things that he is going to address out of the gate are:

1. Fundraising. Obviously this is the weak part of Graf's campaign and I would assume the major factor behind the hiring of Gregg. It appears that he has a background with being involved in races all over the country (especially winning races). I just wonder if not having contacts specifically in Arizona will be an issue when it comes to raising money.

2. Image management. Kolbe's initial attack seems to have stuck to a degree, and Gregg will need to help Graf demonstrate that he is more mainstream than he has been drawn as. In this area, Gregg should be able to shine as just the fact that he has signed onto the campaign relieves some of the anxiety from certain quarters. If the man worked for J.C. Watts and Bill Royer, he certainly can help shed an image of a fringe candidate with a local weekend radio show host as a campaign manager.

It will be interesting to see if this appointment actually turns the Aiken dismissal into a net positive for Graff.

Official Bonus points for any reader who can identify what R.T. stands for.

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