Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dinosaur Media

Here is a great reason why you cannot trust the Arizona Republic for your campaign news (or the AP for that matter).

Key snippet:
Former state legislator Gabrielle Giffords has emerged as the Democrat to beat, while the Republican race is much tighter, with state Rep. Steve Huffman holding no clear-cut lead over contenders Randy Graf, a former state legislator, and Mike Hellon, a former state GOP chairman.

Unless "holds no clear-cut lead" is synonymous with "getting crushed by 23%" they simply have done no research on this race other than look at the names of the people running and the money raised. If this is the case, please spare us from writing the article at all.

And why does the Republic pick this story up, as they at least should know better?

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x4mr said...


These blogs have really changed my perspective regarding our newspapers, which now occur as slow, sloppy, and in some cases, pathetic and incompetent. On some cases, outright biased.

Scratching my head on this one. Don't know what to tell you or how they could reach that description from what happened.

A subtler one that I noticed was Star's quoting Giffords I never stayed in Phoenix one weekend during 5 years in the legislature, which sounds ridiculous. Heard the other day that actual quote was a more benign, vague remark like "prefer Tucson and never really stayed in Phoenix much on the weekends."

I'm sure the rewording was entirely innocent on Scarpinato's part.