Monday, October 23, 2006

A little News. . .

It's been pretty quiet on the CD-8 front. Both camps look like they have gone into working mode, which is quite refreshing in comparison with the candidate blathering which is occurring in other races.

There are the two debates scheduled for today. One was held earlier at the El-Con Mall. Unfortunately, it occurred during business hours so I was not able to attend. The other is to be held this evening in Sierra Vista starting right now. For Cox subscribers, it will be televised on channel seven, channel 74 on Comcast.

Tomorrow the debate will be televised live on KVOI starting at 7:30.

On Friday, Randy Graf is having a fundraiser with congressmen Trent Franks and Duncan Hunter. On Halloween, Dennis Hastert will be in town for a fundraiser and luncheon.


Anonymous said...

I attended the debate at Buena High School this evening. Gabby was repetitive, seemed at a loss for skirting the issue successfully and was not forthcoming elsewhere. She kept pushing her 'leadership' ability, her being a small business person, and not being an 'amnesty' advocate. Considering that she had 8 years in the legislature to prove her ability to lead and failed, compared to Graf's becoming a leader in the same body in just two years, simply emphasizes her inability to deal with reality. The small business she took over from her parents went under ...under...under her 'leadership'.

Her people were well represented and enthusiastic at the outset, but emerged a little on the quiet side. I noticed the lightest of 'sighs' that preceded each of her 'answers'. Was that supposed to be cute or a sign of the future?

Randy was Randy. Honest, straight forward and answered all questions as asked. He did not invoke the name of Mc Cain nor any other 'heroes'. Not so with Gabby. Kolbe would be proud. I am uncertain as to Mc Cain, who did endorse Graf...not Giffords. I guess she understands she can't go it alone.

Anonymous said...

You are right that I didn't know enough about her business and I will give you that. But do you mean to tell me there are no leaders of minority parties? Who are Pelosi and Reid, for example? Graf managed to work "ACROSS THE AISLE" (quoting your doll) as the majority leader in partnering with the minority. It was MADAME NO who skunked the works.

Considering that Republican voters are the majority in the 8th district and that Randy won the Republican primary, the polls must be incorrect, as usual.

Two weeks will tell if her fatuous repetitions of being a leader will fly. She is cute, but I have never heard that being a prerequisite for national office, only as Anchor of CBS.

x4mr said...

Could not attend either debate yesterday, but will be there this evening.

Not following your criticism of repetition. They are all repeating themselves.

By the way, tried to watch last night's event on television, and the Cox Channel 7 that I get was telling me how to bake pastries or some such drivel, so I blogged about Islam and WWIII.

(I know, Framer, shameful of me to link to my own, but you may feel free to do the same, and you can say you were invited,.)

The Sierra Vista Herald wrote up last night's debate.

You folks may be seeing something I'm not, but my radar shows the debates as a basic "go through the motions" without substantive impact on election outcome.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is always repetition and I wouldn't mention it had it been the usual, normal stuff. There was a mantra that was repeated. Apparently she was told that hypnosis works.

The SV Herald reporter (and I use the term loosely) can read Gabby's mind according to his remarks ("she wondered...", but is unable to accurately repeat what Randy Graf actually said. Nothing new for Herald.

And I agree that the debates were too late and will effect few voters. A casual show of hands at a Republican event in Mesa showed over 1/3 had already voted.

Framer said...


See you at the debate this evening!

They need to mark out a bloggers section or something like that.