Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mike Hellon's New Gig

A little birdie has whispered to me that Mike Hellon will be named John McCain's presidential campaign director for Southern Arizona.

Nice get for McCain. Congratulations to Mike, hopefully this will be a paid position.

And since I know Mike is out there, if you want to make announcements, confirm or deny this rumor, or just post about life in general, let me know. My Blog is your Blog.


Anonymous said...

If someone else wants to have a chance at Southern Arizona they better get in gear. Mike has a lot of connections within the party and he is respected. He goes to a lot of events, talks with people, and returns phone calls. McCain has done well to get him on board.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hellon was and is the only straight shooter in this political arena! Huzzah McCain for wise choice!

Anonymous said...

It's true.I visited with him in Phoenix a week ago, basically just to pay my respects. He asked me to organize Southern Arizona and I was honored to agree do so.

No particular title, no specific job description, no pay -- just put together the foundation for a campaign. I fully expect him to be the next President of the United States and am happy to be able to help.

Liza said...

mike hellon,
Just in case McCain isn't the next president you really should ask for a salary.

Bruce P. Murchison said...

As I mentioned over on Sonoran Alliance, Mike Hellon is a very honorable man. He will be a great asset to McCain's campaign. Regardless of his politics (I'm a bit further right than he is... alright, a lot further right) he impressed me with his impeccable character in the CD8 race. Congratulations Mike.