Friday, March 23, 2007

Al Gore Can Save Us From Galactic Warming

As the global warming debate heats up (forgive the pun), we learn from Fred Thompson on the Paul Harvey show that global warming has hit Mars, Jupiter and even Pluto. Of course, we can't consider this a planetary issue now that Pluto has been booted from the ranks. Nevertheless, the bill introduced by concerned congresswoman Jane Harman (D-Calif.) that would set target dates for certain types of light bulbs to be prohibited for sale in the United States clearly needs to be ammended to include those extraterrestrial bodies. These lights bulbs are too inefficient and contribute to global warming. Besides, global warming in now not just an earthly problem, but a galactic one at that. And since Al Gore has made it clear that this problem is cause by humans, we can now rest assured that there is life on other planets (and non-planetary rocks). Apparently, they, too, have a carbon dioxide problem. So we all need to pull together.

Maybe Al Gore can invent a galaxy-wide internet to help us get the word out to save the Milky Way. In the meantime, do your part and turn out the lights.

Listen to yesterday's morning show to hear the piece about galactic warming.


GOP Boomer Gal said...

Please, Please, Mr. Thompson; RUN!!!

Framer said...

Paul Harvey is soooo behind on this. I reported on transglobal warming (trademarked) several weeks ago.