Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poll: Who Will Replace Tim Bee for State Senate?

It's beginning already—a poll asking questions about who the voter would most favor as Bee's replacement. The choices in the poll are: Marian McClure, Jonathan Paton, and Randy Graf. The voter is also asked who they feel is favorable and unfavorable with the choices including Giffords, McClure, Paton and Graf. Other questions asked about the voter's stand on immigration, the life issue and the Employer Sanctions bill currently moving through the Arizona House.

We have no word on who is commissioning the poll, but it's interesting that Gabby Giffords was thrown into the mix.


Anonymous said...

I was in Green Valley at a local social function where people from the area get together and mostly talk politics. I want to emphasize that rumor and speculation rule the day in this type of environment, but I think one of the rumors I heard may be relevant here.

During the function, I had the opportunity to speak with a prominent GV GOP activist that happens to be the head of one of the local Republican Clubs in the area.

I was told that he heard rumblings that a large group of people are trying to convince Frank Antenori to consider running for the state Senate.

Some of those people trying to recruit Frank have some pretty big names (which he mentioned) and have voiced concerns about handing the seat over to McClure (They see her as less than desirable). They have voiced concern that Randy Graf wouldn't have a good chance against her, but Frank just might.

I have heard personally from several people to the contrary as well, that Frank is considering a run for the State Legislature and not the State Senate.

Since he posts from time to time on this blog, maybe he will be kind enough to share his intent for his political future and give us some insight into what the extent of the local GOP internal political wheeling and dealing that is going on.

Frank? What say you?

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time understanding how anyone could beat Paton in this race if he chooses to run.

McClure? In the Primary in 2004 his first time out Paton got the most votes by far in the four-way primary (she was the incumbent).

He repeated it in 2006 with an even wider margin, getting almost the most votes of a state rep in Arizona -- contested or uncontested -- with over 11,496 votes to to McClure's 9,991 (the two losers Gowan and Calegari got flattened at at 7,014 and 6,031 votes respectively). Antenori didn't even go above 2,800 votes (4.3%) in a huge congressional district.

These races are usually won by name i.d. Paton's last two wins happened before he left for Iraq and I don't see his name i.d. going down (although how you beat going on the front page of the NY Times I have no idea). Even if you set aside his beating the crap out of TUSD over Dolores "Republicans Hate Latinos" Huerta on the "O'Reilly Factor" and leaving the capitol to serve in Iraq, he is the most high-profile state lawmaker from Southern Arizona (or from anywhere else for that matter).

He's gotten a lot of important legislation through and is pro-life, anti-tax, anti-illegal immigration and as anyone who attended his keynote address at the Lincoln Dinner will attest, he gives an awesome speech. He's a relentless campaigner and is well-liked in his district. I don't know who is doing this poll or what it will show, but no one is going to beat him if he decides to run. Period.