Thursday, April 05, 2007

GOP Primary Poll Results

In New Hampshire McCain remains level with Giuliani while Romney creeps up 4 points to remain in third.

McCain 29%
Giuliani 29%
Romney 17%
Thompson 3%
Gingrich 2%

Everyone else 1% or lower

This is a poll of likely Primary voters that took place before the fundraising announcements.

Meanwhile, in Iowa:

McCain 22.8%
Giuliani 21.2%
Romney 17.4%

This is for Republicans and Republican leaners registered to vote. Among likely Caucus goers:

McCain 20.9%
Giuliani 20.3%
Romney 16.9%

More detailed analysis and Democratic results to come.


Latest from New Hampshire according to Zogby:

McCain 25%
Romney 25%
Giuliani 19%

It's been a very good week for Mr. Romney.


Framer said...

Upated the post. According to Zogby, it is Rudy who is losing steam in New Hampshire and not McCain, with Romney being the benefactor.

I wouldn't have bet that way.

x4mr said...

As I said elsewhere, McCain is imploding. He is too old and losing it, and the 60 minutes piece inflicted non trivial damage.

Romney's strength is surprising me. Can this guy really pull it off?

Giuliani is strongest in the general.

The religious right has to be frustrated.