Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fairness in Taxation at the State Legislature: SB1254 & HB2641

There are two bills in the State Legislature dealing with fairness in taxation that need our help. SB1254 is stuck in the Senate Rules Committee and HB2641 is stuck in the House Rules Committee. These bills deal with the inequity for folks who live in unincorporated areas of Arizona of having their tax dollars subsidize cities and towns. These bills simply give a state income tax credit of 15% (equal to what is skimmed off the top of our state income tax payment and delivered to incorporated communities) to those who live in county settings.

This archaic system known as “Urban Revenue Sharing” is unfair and Senator Bob Burns should be commended for bringing this bill forward. Here is a link to the summary of SB1254, a tax credit to folks who live in unincorporated areas of the state.

The bill is currently being held by Senate Rules Committee Chairman Jay Tibshraeny. You can send an e-mail to Chairman Tibshraeny at and urge him to hear SB1254. State Senate President Tim Bee also sits on the Senate Rules Committee. A call or e-mail ( to his office urging the same could prove useful.

HB 2641 is the House Bill equivalent which is bogged down in the House Rules Committee. Bob Robson is Chairman of the House Rules Committee and is running for the Arizona Corporation Commission. A Comment to Mr. Robson's office at would be more than appropriate to give this bill a hearing.

All you need to do is ask for a hearing by the appropriate Committee Chairs. Asking for fairness in taxation by our elected officials is our responsibility.

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Rick Murray said...

Thanks for the info Randy. I will take action.

BTW, I have been trying to contact you since the election.