Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sen McCain is looking good, Obama misunderstood. . .

Senator McCain has had a good week or two at the expense of media-crowned Barack Obama, according to the latest numbers from Zogby.

His double digit lead that he held over Hillary Clinton just last month has shrank to 3%, but more importantly, John McCain has opened a 46 to 40 percent lead on the former community organizer from Illinois.

The bleeding for Obama started from an unfair, vicious attack by the known agitators at Saturday Night Live.

Then came the obvious mis-characterization about Canada and NAFTA. Obviously you cannot just go by what Obama says in his speeches, as he has a long, extensive, full record of accomplishments to fall back on. Look there for inspiration.

And finally, there was the mess with Obama spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright. I believe Obama at his word that the Rev. Wright was a spiritual giant who was simply misguided on political matters. That is why it made all of the sense in the world to see that the retired minister was made a part of Obama's political campaign. I can understand this as I try to add at least three people who I have deep and irreconcilable political differences to my campaign staff before breakfast each day.

The problem is that 60% of Americans have not FELT Obama yet. That is bound to happen.

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