Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Guest Blogger

As I mentioned before, I intend to pull a number of individuals from different points of view into this site to ensure a greater coverage of events and candidates, as well as guarantee constantly updated content. To my great satisfaction, Joel Gaines has accepted my invitation as a guest blogger to the site.

Joel is a long time blogger and owner-operator of the No Pundit Intended blog site. This is a pretty good pickup for us, and we would like to welcome Joel aboard.

We are looking for more guest bloggers. An ideal candidate need not have previous blogging experience, although it would certainly help. You also do not need to hide your political leanings, in fact I am especially looking for some independent or 'gasp' liberal posters. All I would ask is that we keep the snark to a minimum (although it would not be completely outlawed) and post solid factual information or somewhat stunning insights to all degrees of the race (or give it your best shot).

If you are interested, or would like to recommend someone, please post in the comments section or email me at

special note- Because of a previous commitment (my son's second birthday party,) I will not be able to attend the Bisbee Candidate Forum if anyone else is attending, please let me know and we will set you up as a correspondent. Thanks.

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Michael said...

You all might find some interesting things from the left on this race at my blog: I've aded your site to my AZ based blog roll.