Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Press is finally coming around

It seems like the Business Journal of Phoenix is finally taking a serious look at this election. Obviously, immigration will be the overriding issue.

Hopefullyother media outlets will soon follow.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that you are one of those that are afraid of mentioning Mike Jenkins. Why is he not listed on your list of candidates. Talk about grassroots support, he probably has more than any of the others.

Kralmajales said...

I think those who are trying to "fluff" Huffman as an alternative to the "evil" Randy Graf are in some real real trouble right now. They have some big money backers who have tried like the dickens to get Hellon out (worried about a Hellon/Huffman moderate split), but have failed so far.

As I have said on other blogs, Graf has at least three if not more advantages right now:

1. The man was "anti-immigration" before anti-immigration was cool. He can legitimately discuss the issue and can smack the other candidates for being "johnny come lately's". Gallop polls have been saying that immigration was the hot primary issue for Republicans for months now. He is strong on this.

2. Primaries. Primaries bring out the "right" and "left" of the two parties. Making Hellon and Huffman to either turn right or try to pull out independents and moderate republicans who usually stay home. They will have to scare republican voters by equating Graf with extremism...which will anger the right.

3. The Len Munsil Factor. Len Munsil will be near the top of the Republican primary ballot with Goldwater. He has a strong social conservative past and has a host of active right supporters. His voters are likely to vote Graf if they can marry their interests (no pun

4. Name Rec. Graf is known in Cochise and has name rec. from the last impressive run against Kolbe. He was facing a fairly popular moderate incumbent and still managed a significant vote. This time he is facing a relatively unknown Huffman (who is not a firebrand I hear) and Hellon.

I still have edge going to Graf...obviously.


sirocco said...

I agree immigration will be a very important issue in AZ8, since it actually is on the border. However, it seems to early to call it the "obviously ... overriding" issue for the campaign.

So many things are in play -- Iraq and hte economy being perhaps the two more notable -- and so much can still happen that it seems to me things won't be settle by a single issue.