Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pre-Poll Breakfast

While waiting for the news on the actual CD-8 polling, here are a few national snippits to tide you over:

Democrats are fond of tying support for the Republican candidate in CD-8 to the job performance of the President and his dwindling numbers:

Indeed those low numbers can be tied into the national trend that shows that the average voter prefers a generic Democratic candidate over a generic Republican

And on top of that the general feeling in CD-8 is that we have simply had enough of Republican rule and are ready to sweep a specific Democrat into office (pay attention to his first data point)

So with all of the bad national polling news, hopefully the Republicans will find something to be cheerful about with the poll released later today.

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pinkiris said...

I ALWAYS enjoy reading logical assessments of events. Interestingly, most 'perps' assume everyone is as dumb as they are and they honestly believe they will get away with 'it'. They especially think little of the 'average' voter. Wrong...