Tuesday, July 18, 2006

McCain Kennedy Immigration Bill

I just can't get into the browser refresh game waiting for Steve Huffman's quarterly numbers so I am going to begin my possibly disastrous foray into the current immigration bills. I found a good translation into lawyerese which I speak better than Bureaucrat. I rework this summary a few sections at a time and any applicable comments. This should be an ongoing project.

Here we go, stripping out the preamble:

Section 112

This section directs The Department of Homeland Security to make a plan to defend the borders of the United States. The plan must include:

1. A detailed analysis of the available ports and points of entry into the United States

2. A design that implements the newest and most appropriate equipment and technology, personnel, and training in order to address the most important threat points in a cost effective manner.

3. A prioritization of risks as well as timelines and deadlines for implementation of needed security.

4. Coordination at the local, state, regional, local, and tribal levels for security and border enforcement.

5. A prioritization of research and development into needed advances to enhance border security.

6. An update of the 2001 Port of Entry Infrastructure Assessment study that was conducted by the Service formally known as US Customs.

7. Further plans of cooperation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

8. Cooperation with the overseas personnel of the State Department and Homeland Security to end human smuggling and trafficking.

9. License for the Secretary of Homeland Security to include other plans or reports that he or she feels necessary

10. The identification of low risk travelers and the better facilitation thereof

11. The ability to ensure that enforcing security does not interfere with U.S. trade and Commerce.

Section 112

Within one year after the bill is passed, the above plan must be given to then needed senatorial committees for review. Revisions must be submitted every two years thereafter. A review of progress must be submitted each year as well, as well as an introspective “what can we do better?”

Section 113

Authorization to put forth money toward implementing the plan, beginning the next fiscal year.

Reaction- My initial thought is that if this isn't finished or well underway already, what are we paying the good folks at Homeland Security for at this moment? Every one of these points better already be an action item on somebody's desk prior to this bill being voted on or even considered. I mean, are we just now asking for an update of the Port of Entry Infrastructure Assessment study that was done BEFORE 9/11? Has legislation already not been passed regarding these points?

In retrospect, I would have to believe that these points are not original considerations to this bill and are indeed already in the hopper. This being the case, shouldn't the "Plan" be given a shorter target date or the existing provisions of the plan be discussed in the actual bill? The inclusion of these three sections in the bill are important only in the reporting and spending aspects, which should already be in the Homeland Security budget and duties regardless of this Immigration bill. This appears to be the restating of other legislation to even out the "enforcement" ledger column of this bill.

Oh, and doesn't point 10 look a lot like "profiling?"

Up Next? The thrilling Subtitle B

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