Saturday, July 29, 2006


I was on vacation for a while. While I was away everything took on a different perspective. I went completely out of activist mode and into casual observer mode. It was kind of nice - they say ignorance is bliss and I believe it. With my uncut hair, occasionally unshaven face, and an afternoon mojito or two I understood how many people spend their lives unconcerned about world events or political battles. It kind of put things in perspective for me.

I realize now that most Americans just don't have time to care. They wonder at how bloggers are able to lead a "normal life" and keep up with, let alone write about, everything that goes on. Perhaps they assume too much. Perhaps we don't lead the same "normal life" they do. Perhaps blogging is our escape from such mundane trappings. Who knows? I will leave that to the head shrinkers.

Whatever the answer, the fact is most bloggers worth their salt are highly informed about what goes on around us. It makes for interesting conversations in places such as RV campgrounds around the country - especially for a guy like me, who enjoys being "authoritative" on issues I cover. While I don't mean to dominate conversations, I do like to collect perspectives and share my own.

Another perspective I found during my travels was willful ignorance by a lot of people. They just don't "want" to know what's going on - in many cases it is far to depressing to them. If they ignore it, it might not go away but it certainly can't hurt them. I think that is a great attitude to have on vacation and I adopted it on about day 5.

However, I am back in the saddle and ready to ride for my brand. Today it seems the brand is either the Lazy R or the Split R - depending on which news outlet you consume. I don't see things so badly though.

I preface what follows by saying, I view the world through partisan glasses. I won't even pretend to present an objective viewpoint.

Despite what the MSM would like, it is not 1912 all over again. You see, Republicans are again learning to grouse about things which displease them. The silent majority is learning that to be silent is to not have your views heard. Conservatives are not splitting with the party, they are going to change it from the inside, since too many Republicans are little more than RINOs.

Unlike the Democrats, who have been hijacked by ultra-liberals, the Republican party is on a swing of conservatism. Even those who grouse about the turn to the right will recognize something very important in the voting booth. No vote for a left leaning candidate is representative of the core values of the republican party.

In the voting booth, the decision is binary - Yes or No.

Regardless of all the minutae and ad chatter, the important questions are:

1) Smaller, more focused government?
2) National defense?
3) Border control?
4) Clean, honorable campaign?
5) Straight-forward voting record?

If you answer yes to these 5 questions, your answer is always going to be the conservative candidate. It's as simple as that.

Some folks say that the "middle-of-the-road" or "moderate" candidate is the safe bet. Balderdash!

The only thing you find in the middle of the road is yellow stripes and roadkill. If your candidate is not strong in his/her beliefs - right or left - what kind of moral or political courage will s/he display when it comes time to cast a vote in office?


Anonymous said...

The conclusion from your checklist - that if you favor those four items, your vote is likely to be conservative - is wrong, at least as far as I'm concerned. I want four out of the five items on the list from government, and the conservatives certainly aren't giving them to me, despite what they suggest they believe. Sure, your list outlines a _theoretical_, classcal conservativism, but that's not where the American conservative movement is right now, or where it's going. It's increasingly more radical, as the left is too. The center is evaporating. And, in the face of all that, my vote is going to the left.

Jane Arizona said...

If I want all five items, do I have to surrender my birth control pills because pro-life groups consider them "abortifacient"?

This is why I couldn't vote for someone like Graf. I consider the ability to plan my family an integral part of my freedom.