Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GOP National Committeman Slot

Haven't posted a lot about this lately, but it appears that the final day that the Executive Committee will take "resumes" is May 1st. Despite all of the early activity, it appears that the three candidates that have been actually been active in pursuing the nomination are Billy Bidwell, Don Goldwater, and Tucsonian Bruce Ash.

Obviously, this has not been decided, but from the way the tea leaves are forming at this point look for it to be between Don Goldwater and Bruce Ash, with Bruce Ash eventually getting the nod.

We will keep you informed as things get a little clearer.


Touchdown said...

Is Bidwell from the AZ Cardinals' Bidwell?

Framer said...

That would certainly be nice if THAT guy were that involved in GOP politics.

I believe it is this guy although I am not entirely sure to be honest.

Anonymous said...

It's Bridwell, not Bidwell.

And the Cards' owner is Bidwill, not Bidwell.